Types of Cleaning Supplies

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
Feb 12, 2018


A clean house is a must for anyone interested in staying healthy and maintaining a good image. The variety of cleaning supplies available is wide. However, the following are a few useful ones.

The Electronic Rechargeable Swivel Sweeper collects dirt very fast compared to other sweepers. It can be made cordless to allow flexibility during the procedure. It, however, needs recharging to allow operation. The carpet, the bathroom, dining room and vinyl can easily benefit from this machine.

The glass cleaner/wiper consist of a very high-quality rubber blade that wipes the water off the glass. It also has a bottle modified to allow spraying of detergent. The glass will have some foam during the process that is washed down softly. For those out to get a versatile machine, try the PVA Mop. It can flexibly do vacuuming, mopping and drying.It has a handle compared to a telescope folding extending 1.25 meters.

The next stands alone among the various types of cleaning supplies- The Synthetic Chamois. It may be separated into small pieces to allow indoor use. It may be used for cars, wooden or even glass surfaces. The use of soap and hot or cold water may be applied. As for the Upholstery Cleaner and Protection, the deep foaming function aids in the removal of grease and dirt. The special formula is applied to ensure thorough cleaning of the surface.

The Clean kit can help keep dust and grime off your computer. A simple wipe removes marks and stains that are on the screen. The magic duster can bring the so-called “magic” by simply removing loose dirt on surfaces. Whatever your choice, cleaning supplies should be chosen to suit your needs.

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