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Toronto Facts and General Information You Can Use

With a population of 5.6 million, Toronto is the most crowded city in Canada. As it is
also the centre of the country’s commerce and finance, going around the city can be
quite daunting.

However, if you are loaded with some useful Toronto facts and information, you might
be enjoy the bustling metropolis better. Here are several that might come in handy:

Toronto Buildings at Night
Life Maid Easy Fleet of Cars in Toronto

Top 3 Reasons Life Maid Easy Chose to Expand their House Cleaning Services in Toronto

Life Maid Easy, which is headquartered in Vancouver, is branching out and bringing its cleaning services to Toronto. After having made a name for itself as a company that goes the extra mile in offering value-added service to its clients, it has found several reasons to extend their brand of cleaning experience and expertise to the East Coast. 

Here are three reasons that are top on their list:

Life Maid Easy’s response to COVID-19 - A message from our CEO