Facts & General Information About Toronto

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Facts & General Information About Toronto

Toronto is North America’s fifth largest city next to Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. It is also the fourth most liveable city in the world.

More than 30 percent of the greater Toronto population speak other languages besides English and French. You can even find dual language street signs in Chinatown and Little Portugal.

The number of restaurants in Toronto has reached beyond 8,000, with some of them now advocating for the giving of a 20 percent tip.

Toronto has a downtown pedestrian walkway known as path that covers more than 30 kilometers of services, entertainment, shopping and restaurants. It also connects to a railway terminal, 5 subway stations and 20 parking garages. To download a PATH map, click this link:  

To explore more places to visit in Toronto, you might like to download the tourist map on this link:

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If you have a vehicle and you wish to know more about Toronto parking, you might like to visit this site:


Here, you will not only find information about how to apply for a parking permit, but also about public transportation as well as road restrictions and closures. If would like to walk or bike your way around the city, then you will find helpful information here as well.

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