Common Misconceptions of Green Cleaning

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
Sept. 11, 2018

Over the past decade, there has been a drastic increase in the popularity of green sustainable cleaning. However, the trend did not come easy for the industry as many misconceptions had to be debunked for the industry to flourish. Here are the top three (3) common myths about green sustainable cleaning:

Myth #1 – Green Cleaning is More Costly than Traditional Cleaning For more than a decade ago, where green cleaning started as an alternative to sustainable eco-friendly home cleaning, basic home products were being used. However, the industry has managed to improve drastically on the quality of the products used, making them readily available and more cost-efficient as well.

Myth #2 – Green Cleaning Products are nothing but a Marketing Stunt When the issue of global warming was raised, the world responded quickly. One of the concrete actions done was switching form chemical-based cleaning products to eco-friendly alternatives. The awareness that the global issue brought prompted the fulfillment of a much better alternative to cleaning products that would make Mother Earth happy – and pockets too!

Myth #3 – Green Products Do Not Clean as Well as Traditional Cleaning Products Several studies have been conducted to test the viability and effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning products. Surprisingly, most green cleaning products work as effectively as the commercial cleaning products – some of which are even more effective and cost-efficient. At Life Maid Easy we care about your health as well as the environment. Our professional home cleaning service exclusively use non-hazardous, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products that are safe for your children, pets and the atmosphere. We aim to eliminate the health and environmental risks associated with cleaning products and services, and we ensure a safe, risk-free environment for you and your family. Due to the high demand, we have extended our residential cleaning services to North and West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam and Abbotsford.

Life Maid Easy is a fast growing company that offers eco-friendly house cleaning services, maid services and carpet cleaning with franchises across Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, North Shore, Whiterock and recently Toronto.

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