7 Tips for Organising Your Closet this Spring

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7 Tips for Organising Your Closet this Spring

Spring is here and with the Coronavirus forcing you to stay at home, you have ample time in your hands to organize your closet. The thing with closets is no matter how often you clean it up, they always end up looking like a mess after a while.

Maintaining an orderly closet space is an ongoing process. However, you can prevent it from becoming a total mess every time by following the tips below. They will give you a head start into your ultimate closet organisation project this spring.

1. Categorize and Declutter

Sift through all your clothes and separate them into such categories as tops, pants, dresses, undies, outerwear, and accessories. Sort through everything under each category and throw out stuff you have not worn or used for years before you move on to the next.

Keep only those clothes, shoes, and accessories that you wear frequently. This takes a special amount of commitment, but if you abide by it, you will have the neatest closet ever.

2. Empty and Clean

As soon as you have categorized everything, empty out your closet space and make sure all odds and ends are taken out. Give it a deep-clean by vacuuming the carpet or by cleaning, polishing, and buffing the wooden floors. Get rid of the dirt on the walls and shelves as well.

If, for some reason (like dust allergy), you cannot do deep cleaning yourself, then there are cleaning companies that can help you with this chore.

3. Purge with a Goal

When you declutter your closet, do it with a purpose. Purge it of everything you have not worn or have no intention of ever wearing again but do this with a goal in mind. What should this goal be? That you either sell everything through a garage sale or send them off to charity.

If you have to give off your clothes and other unused things to the less fortunate though, make sure they still have some use in them. Never give anything away that is already way past its prime. Damaged and old, unusable items belong to the trash and should not be placed in the donation box.

4. Store Clothes and other Items by Category

Keep the same items in one place. Work shirts should go together, the same way that your dresses do. Your pajamas should also be separated from your sweaters in much the same way that your belts should never be placed with your handbags. Keeping your things organised this way will allow you to find your favorites in no time.

5. Use Hangers and Organizers

Delicate clothes like skirts and dresses need to be placed on hangers. The same goes for fancy ensembles like work suits and structured items like blazers and coats.

You can do away from hanging bulky clothing like sweaters that can easily stretch out though. You can roll them up and store them in shoe organizers. This way, you will be able to find them easily and they won’t go all saggy on you.

6. Install Wall Shelves and Brackets

You don’t have to keep everything in your closet. You can also put them on display, especially if they are too beautiful to keep stored in the dark. Install wall shelves in your bedroom and use these for such items as pretty shoes, handbags, and accessories. This is the perfect solution to shortage of closet space and can serve as wall decors.

To keep everything visually pleasing though, make sure that everything is color-coordinated. Paint the shelves white and only put out items that are neutral in color or of the same color scheme as your bedroom. You can also make more use of your wall space by placing brackets where you can hang items like dainty shoulder bags or belts.

7. Place Small Items in your Vanity Drawers

These drawers are not only for your makeup and other beauty products. They are also perfect for smaller items like wallets, jewelry, and other accessories. To make things even neater, it is best if you use drawer organizers. This way, every little thing will have their own special space and you will be able to find what you need in a jiffy.

Organizing your closet thing spring may seem like a daunting task. However, following tips like the ones above will help make the job easier. The great thing about doing this while at quarantine is it will take your mind off the Coronavirus, so it’s a win-win.

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