5 Creative Ways to Stay Occupied during Quarantine

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5 Creative Ways to Stay Occupied during Quarantine

With the Coronavirus still plaguing the world, it seems we need to stay at home for the long haul. However long this is, we know that being quarantined is imperative so we can avoid infection.

The thing with being cooped up at home though is you will begin to run out of ways to occupy your time. Sometimes, it would seem like all you do is clean and disinfect your home. To help you out on this, we have come up with a list of creative things below that we can all do while in quarantine.

Exercise Your Green Thumb

If you have a fenced yard, then it is probably safe for you to do some gardening now. Whether your yard still needs to be cleared or not, it should not hamper you from starting to work on your plants. You can clear your yard yourself or you can hire a cleaning company to help you out.

You can even still do this if you do not have a yard or a garden. You can set up a small herb garden near your kitchen sink or you can get yourself some indoor plants. There are a lot of places online where you can order some. Click on this link to know which plants are good to keep indoors.

Work on DIY Projects

Staying at home gives you a lot of time in your hands to do DIY projects you have been setting aside. Whether you want to add on some shelves or create some artsy wall decors, doing this will not only provide you a major breather. It will also provide you with a creative way to update your home. If you have no projects in mind yet, here are some DIY ideas you can consider.

Train Your Pets or Teach Them Some Tricks

If you have a puppy that you have not potty trained yet, you now have all the time to do it. You can add on some obedience training to make sure your pup grows up well-behaved. He can also be taught some fun tricks like rolling over, shaking hands, catching a ball, or even fetching your newspaper. Here is a link to some training topics you might like to start with.

Clean and Organise Your Pantry

There is nothing more calming and satisfying than cleaning and organizing your pantry. Instead of just dusting off your pantry shelves and lining them with paper before putting back everything you have taken down, you can be creative about it. You can make organizers or place everything in canisters, which you can label with some calligraphy. This way, your pantry looks pleasing to the eyes and it will be easy for you to find your supplies. For some ideas on how to do this, maybe you can like to check some tips from Martha Stewart.

Do a Closet Revamp

Have you been planning to revamp your closet but just did not have the time to do it? Being quarantined has changed this for you. Aside from throwing or giving away clothes you no longer wear, you can change how your closet looks. Whether you have a walk-in closet or a corner space in your room that you made into one, there are several ways you can spruce it up. You can either work at showing off your personality or make it look more spacious and organised. Here are some closet organization designs to help you out.

Whatever you plan to do while you stay at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, remember that it helps if you have fun doing it. Nothing can beat boredom faster than doing fun yet productive things and the five listed above can already get you started.

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