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You’re looking to invest in a franchise that guarantees a good ROI and a stable income. Is a cleaning company the way to go?

Based on recent franchising industry reports, a residential cleaning franchise is one of the best investments today.

While most businesses are fighting to survive or have closed their doors due to the pandemic and a struggling economy, cleaning franchise companies are not only surviving but are thriving.

Two contributing factors attributed to the growth of this sector are an increase in dual household income and the desire and need to have clean and healthy living-cum-working spaces.

The surge of demand for cleaning services has, in effect, also increased interest in franchising opportunities with cleaning companies like Life Maid Easy.

What is Life Maid Easy?

Since 2010, Life Maid Easy has been providing top-notch cleaning services. While there are dozens of other cleaning companies in Canada, LME has since stood out from the competition because we wanted to offer something better to our customers – to improve cleaning standards.

How? By being the first fully eco-friendly cleaning company in town that provides customized and excellent cleaning services.

Life Maid Easy as a Cleaning Service in Canada

Our business began in Vancouver, but today, Life Maid Easy has franchises across Canada. Even if we have been expanding quickly, we have maintained the quality of our service and adapted to change.

Over the years, LME has received several industry awards, including the 2022 Vancouver Consumer Choice Award for BEST Maid-House Cleaning Services company.

We credit our growth and achievements to the trust that our clients put in us and to our company’s values and business model.

The Life Maid Easy Principle

Since the beginning of our cleaning franchise, our brand has consistently provided a sustainable, personal, and professional cleaning service that achieves customer satisfaction.

We use 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. Our residential cleaning franchise transportation is an eco-friendly fleet of hybrid vehicles.

At LME, we treat our clients like family while still ensuring we maintain professional and excellent customer service and cleaning results. And we can only achieve that if we have the best cleaners.  

Our team of hard-working professional cleaners undergoes selective recruitment and a training program. We strive to give that little extra to ensure our employees are happy because we believe that happy employees are the best employees.

In the last twelve years, we have established Life Maid Easy as a brand that stands out from the competition.

Residential Cleaning Is Our Focus

Another reason to invest in a Life Maid Easy residential cleaning franchise is that we actually specialize in residential cleaning services, including:

  • Complete Home Cleaning Services
  • Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning Services
  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning

Franchising Life Maid Easy

If it is your first time investing in a cleaning franchise and you are looking for tips on how to get started, check out our Residential Cleaning Franchise Guide.

Aside from knowing the Dos and Don’ts, you also want to make sure you get all your ducks in a row and work on the requirements for franchising in your locality.

What does it take to own a Life Maid Easy franchise?


Do you have enough personal funds to finance your residential cleaning franchise investment, or do you need other financing options? You can explore the Canadian government’s Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP), government grants, bank loans, and credible alternative lending entities. You can also try looking for a franchising business partner or investor.  

2. Knowledge

Do you have sufficient knowledge of the cleaning industry and cleaning services? Are you willing to learn and adapt to changes?

Not every new investor in residential cleaning franchising is an expert in sustainable and professional cleaning methods. What is important is you are open to learning the ropes and can adapt to changes in cleaning techniques and trends in the industry.

3. Time

Even if a cleaning franchise already has a business model and brand in place, it will still take time for you to process all the requirements, research the franchise, learn the ropes of the business model, and start earning.

Be realistic in assessing the amount of time you need to dedicate to get your franchise business up and running.

4. Dedication

As is with any new business, a new franchise requires dedication. You may encounter bumps along the way and might even face some days when you can feel discouraged. But if you are committed to making your residential cleaning company franchise succeed, you can persevere and push yourself to overcome those challenges.

Our success in Life Maid Easy didn’t happen overnight. We understand that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in the cleaning services franchising industry.

We also recognize that with the right support and resources, you have better chances of meeting your business goals and growing as a business. We offer our Life Maid Easy franchisees vital training and support, including business coaching, a strategic launch campaign, and networking.

What does it take to own a Life Maid Easy franchise?

Ready to have your own residential cleaning Life Maid Easy franchise?

1. Get in touch

Please fill out our Info Requests form here, call, email, or message us through our social media accounts to let us know you are interested. You can specify which territory you are interested in, your target date to get your franchise operational, and other details you would like to share about your interest in becoming a franchisee.

2. Get to know

You can also experience a day in the Life of our actual business operation during your Discovery Day. This is our chance to get to know each other better. Feel free to ask us any questions.

3. Let's make a deal

We will discuss the Franchise Agreement details, finalize the deal, and sign the documents. Welcome to the Life Maid Easy family!

What does it take to own a Life Maid Easy franchise?

To run your business, you will have your own Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle (also serves as a traveling billboard!), an initial supply of sustainable cleaning products and a Hetty Numatic vacuum, a website listing, call center support, and classroom and on-the-job training on Life Maid Easy cleaning methods. We want to make it easier for you to succeed, expand your business, and achieve your financial goals.

So, why invest in Life Maid Easy franchise? Perhaps, the question should be, why not?      

Have more questions or assistance in working out the requirements for your franchising investment? Get in touch with us, and we’ll be ready to help.

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