The Zen of Office Cleaning and Employee Morale

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
March 4, 2015

The way an office feels and looks has a lot to do with employee morale, not to mention health. Careful attention to the indoor environment of the office can be an easy way to demonstrate your commitment to improving the health, morale, and productivity of your employees.

Watch the Floor

Floor cleaning and maintenance improves the look of the office and minimizes safety risks. Safety risks in your office from things like slip-and-fall accidents can be reduced through attentive cleaning and maintenance.

Set the Standard

Make sure your office has clear and detailed rules for office cleaning and maintenance. A checklist like this may be useful in establishing and clarifying the rules. Designate which materials should be used, and how often they should be replaced. Disinfectant cleaners are essential to group environments, as are regularly replaced sponges and dust cloths.

Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a major impact on employee health. This also means it is closely tied to productivity and attendance. Particulates in the air can be minimized by regular cleaning with things like dust-free cloths. And exposure to molds can be reduced by routine office kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

“A” for Attitude

Your attention to keeping a clean office shows your dedication to employee satisfaction and a pride in your workplace. This attitude is seen and mirrored by employees. A boss who couldn’t care less about a messy office probably doesn’t care as much about the people in it—at least that is how it will seem.

Mean, Green Cleaning Machine

The use of green cleaning solutions are essential to minimizing health hazards linked to toxic chemicals. They often also result in lower costs to both your business and the environment. Green cleaning techniques are also less likely to bother sensitive employees.

Keep a Happy Crew

A clean office keeps employees happier and helps to maintain a positive work environment. Dirty windows are tough to see through, and a community microwave crusted over with food or a community refrigerator filled with old, rotting food and stains are just unappealing. Dusty lines under doorways and caked up dirt and dust can make your employees wonder when anyone last cared for the office and took the time to clean it; if no one else cares about the place, why should they?
A clean office contributes to the elusive goal of a happy crew. To boost overall satisfaction in your office and have a positive impact on employee health, invest just a little of your time and energy into a clean office.

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