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Hooray, spring is just around the corner! After being cooped up indoors for so long, whether it was due to the harsh winter weather or COVID restrictions, many Torontonians are looking forward to shaking off the winter blues and getting some much-needed fresh air outdoors.

With sunnier days and warmer weather coming, many residents will also be busy with their spring cleaning Toronto rituals. The City has even announced the Clean Toronto Together event for April so everyone can take part in the annual spring cleanup and keep local parks and public spaces beautiful and safe.

But it’s not only Torontonians who are going to be busy as bees this springtime. In other parts of the world, many families and homeowners will also be taking part in the yearly ritual of spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning: What is it?

For most Torontonians and for those who also live in places with temperate climates, spring is the perfect time to tackle clutter, big cleaning projects, and repairs that you had to put off during winter. Now that the days are longer and the weather is more tolerable, you can get a lot more done.

In some cultures, spring cleaning involves the physical thorough cleaning of homes and certain rituals for spiritual cleansing, and it doesn’t necessarily take place in springtime.

Why is there so much hype about spring cleaning?

Springtime is usually associated with nature coming back to life and new beginnings. Some consider this new season as a chance to do some redecorating or renovations to give their home a new look. Others take it as an opportunity to purge and reassess the purpose of their personal possessions. This process allows them to also dig deeper into their priorities and values in life.

Another reason is that deep cleaning your home creates a safer and healthier living environment. Getting rid of all that dust, dander, molds, and other allergens which have accumulated over winter improves your indoor air quality. Sweeping and vacuuming every inch of your floor means fewer chances of crumbs and other trash that attract cockroaches, ants, mice, and other pests. It is your chance to do repair and maintenance work to make sure your house’s structure can withstand the changing seasons.

Spring Cleaning in Toronto

How will Torontonians deal with their spring cleaning?

Patios and flat roof decks are popular in homes in the city, so those will definitely be included in spring cleaning checklists.

Even if Toronto’s spring weather can be quite unpredictable with unexpected snowstorms or thunderstorms, locals are still eager to spend more time hanging out and dining outdoors.

Current spring cleaning Toronto rituals will focus on decluttering and rearranging the layout of rooms to create spaces that are more conducive for work and study.

With the current pandemic, more Torontonians have been working from home. Not everyone has a home office, so many have had to make do with turning bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens into makeshift workstations. And since COVID is still unpredictable, the work-from-home setup is still likely to continue.

Multipurpose, affordable, and eco-friendly spring cleaning products are popular.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting – what’s the difference? And do you really need a different product for each task?

Thanks to COVID, most homeowners in Toronto have a better appreciation for the importance of killing bacteria and germs lurking around the home. However, juggling work and home life are becoming more challenging with the current on-and-off quarantines.

Consumers want a product that can make it simpler and faster to clean, sanitize, and disinfect. After all, the average hardworking Torontonian can’t afford to spend all their time cleaning.

Furthermore, growing concerns over global inflation and toxic substances in the environment mean more homeowners want budget-friendly and green options when tackling such a big cleanup project.

Knowing that you can save time, money, your health, and the environment can make the spring cleaning experience less stressful and more appealing.

Is your calendar already full for the next few months with work and family responsibilities that an annual deep clean just seems impossible? Let our professional team of experienced cleaners in Toronto tackle your spring cleaning checklist!

All our cleaning products are 100% green certified and we get the job done quickly and efficiently with a 100% service guarantee. Acquiring our spring cleaning services allows you to focus on the other essential tasks – admiring the cherry blossoms at High Park, attending gigs at the Candian Music Week festival, or having an outdoor picnic and enjoying the Victoria Day fireworks.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Whether you go at it alone, with your family or roommates, or with the assistance of our Life Maid Easy team, it’s always good to start with a checklist. It will serve as a guide and a source of motivation and accomplishment as you check off those tasks one by one.

A. Purge/Declutter/Organize

This is the perfect time to go through your belongings and reassess the purpose and value of each item. Identify what you want to keep, donate/gift, and repurpose, and what needs to be tossed in the bin (i.e. items that are damaged, expired, worn out, etcetera). Those you choose to keep should be washed/cleaned and properly stored.

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Bodycare/grooming products
  • Makeup and skincare
  • Medicine, first aid kits, medical equipment
  • Bags, purses, wallets
  • Office/school/art supplies
  • Hobby supplies and collections
  • Eating utensils, mugs and cups, dinnerware, china, etc.
  • Cooking utensils, chopping boards, food keepers, food prep tools
  • Books, magazines, newspapers
  • DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, tapes
  • Electronics, chargers, and cables
  • Documents and receipts
  • Photographs, cards, letters, and other sentimental/personal items
  • Toys, puzzles, and board games
  • Tools
  • Seasonal gear
  • Exercise and sports gear/equipment

B. Deep clean inside

Get ready to dust, wash, wipe, mop, and vacuum as you work your way through your house.

  • Ceiling
  • Light fixtures
  • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Vents and grilles
  • Ceiling fans, wall fans, and ventilation fans
  • Window treatments
  • Windows and window frames
  • Doors and door frames
  • Light switches
  • Walls and baseboards
  • Shelves, cabinets, dressers, drawers, cupboards
  • Door knobs, handles, and railings
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Furniture
  • Lamps
  • Decoration/Displays
  • Books
  • Linen
  • Pillows and upholstery
  • Mattresses and cushions
  • Carpets, mats, rugs
  • Floors
  • Faucets and sinks
  • Drains and garbage disposal
  • Showerhead and shower area (including curtains and enclosures)
  • Bathtub
  • Toilet
  • Mirrors
  • Remote controls and control panels
  • Trays, baskets, and bins
  • Trash cans, wastebaskets, and garbage bins

C. Schedule Inspections

Call on the experts to make sure your house is in good condition. Some specialists even provide spring cleaning services alongside their inspection services.

  • HVAC
  • Fireplace, barbecue, and outdoor firepit/oven
  • Roof and gutters
  • Alarm/security systems
  • Pests (Common problems in Toronto homes include carpenter ants, mice, and cockroaches.)

D. Fix and repair

Toronto winters can be harsh and cause damage to homes. Attend to those roof leaks, concrete cracks, window drafts, and other damages.

E. Prepare the outside

Set up your roof deck or patio to fully enjoy the springtime and summer alfresco


  • Sweep and hose down your deck or patio
  • Bring out and clean outdoor furniture, parasols, awnings, etc.
  • Check and clean outdoor decorative pieces and your lights/lamps
  • Clean firepits, ovens, gazebos, etc.
  • Get the garden ready

F. Spruce it up

Touching up your old mailbox, repainting faded or chipped walls, planting new flowers, or even just changing the color scheme of your bedroom can keep your house fresh and ready to welcome spring. This is a good time to work on renovations or redecorating projects.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Collect tips, guides, and checklists, then use which ones best apply to your home. Find what process works best for you; add, deduct, modify, or simplify.
  • If you have limited time or resources, focus on the most important tasks and areas (like high-traffic areas and the most-used rooms).
  • Make sure you aren’t reusing rags, sponges, mop heads, vacuum filters, etc. that are super dirty. Replace filters and wash/clean cleaning tools as often as needed.
  • Stay protected; keep masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, eye protection, and disinfecting wipes handy.
  • Let cleaning products do their job. You can use less elbow grease when you allow cleaning agents to soak on hard stains, molds, and grime for a few seconds or minutes. Follow cleaning tips to make sure you don’t damage the surface or item you are cleaning by leaving on the product for too long.
  • Don’t forget to include your mode of transportation (car, motorcycle, or bike) during your spring clean.
  • Attend to the beddings, enclosures, tanks, cages, accessories, and other items of your pets too.
  • If you have the time, do a digital spring clean. Declutter the apps, files, and photos on your phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Remember that you don’t have to do everything at once. Follow a schedule that works for you. Divide your spring cleaning checklist into smaller tasks you can do in 15-30 minutes or an hour each day and bigger tasks that require one whole day. Or maybe you want to spread out the chores over 30 days.
  • Open the windows in the room you are cleaning. The ventilation can help bring in the fresh air and carry out the dust, funny odors, and fumes from cleaning products


An annual spring clean is a giant task and can get overwhelming. Try and recruit any help you can get so the chore becomes more manageable.

Get the whole family involved or ask your friends for help. An outdoor barbecue after the big cleanup can be a great way to celebrate and reward yourselves.

Or why not just get the best cleaning service in your area with Life Maid Easy? Check out our website for more details, including available franchise opportunities, or talk to us at 1 833 247 MAID (6243). Spring cleaning can be as easy as picking up the phone and scheduling your annual deep clean with our expert cleaners.

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