Fun Family Activities

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
Aug. 31, 2018

Yet another long weekend to look forward to! What better way to spend it than taking the entire bunch to a trip or do some creative activities. Here are some activities that will surely get the entire Brady Bunch involved:

1. Lay the mats for a family picnic Back to the basics with a basket-full of goodies, and pop some sparkling wine.

2.Visit our troops at the fire station It’s Labor Day for us, might as well visit one of those teams who truly symbolize the workforce. The kids will surely have fun sliding down the handy poles.

3.Go backyard treasure hunting This is your chance to create your own jungle themed outdoor activity – make sure to camo those goodies!

4.Take a trip to the clouds Choose a laid-back afternoon to cruise the skies in a hot air balloon.

5.Go Fruit Picking It’s a fun time to carry those baskets and hand pick some apples to bring home. Nothing beats the fresh produce.

6.Crazy color pre-made ceramics Time get crafty! Visit the local ceramic shop and get some plain pots plates to paint!

7.Volunteer for the day Spread the kindness and start them young. Chose a cause and involve the kids to participate in a selfless activity.

8.Go back to nature Re-energize. Take in the good air. Make the kids appreciate nature more. Most of all, have them involved in making the earth healthy again.

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