Organizing at Work

Organizing at Work

The week has just started, and tasks may soon be piling up. You already start to picture the aggravation, and soon enough, you notice you now drag your feet to every meeting. Worse part is that it’s just a Weekday! Don’t fret. The trick of the trade is simple – organizing.

Here are the top 5 tips to being more productive at work.

  1. Clean Desk Policy – Make sure to tidy up your desk. After all, this is where the creative process begins.

  1. Break activities to Tiny Tasks – List down all your activities for the day, then break them down to tiny tasks.

  1. Create a Done List – A to-do list is always good, but a done-list is way better. You not only get to track your micro wins towards the day, but also feel good about completing the tasks.

  1. Use a tracker to monitor your productivity – Be creative in creating your own tracker. This way, you create that sense of accountability

  1. Timing is everything. – Schedule regular breaks during the day. Make it visual and fun!