West Vancouver

West Vancouver

West Vancouver – The Parks and Recreations Centre of Vancouver

A waterfront community with a land area of 87.4 square kilometres, West Vancouver is known for its parks. It is home to the Cypress Provincial Park, makes up 20 percent of the entire land area of the municipality. It was one of the 2010 Winter Olympics venues and provides panoramic views of the Metro Vancouver area and Howe Sound. 

Other parks in the suburb include the West Vancouver Seawall, which is 15 blocks long, and Whytecliff Park, which is considered as one of Western Canada’s greatest scuba diving spots. There is also the family-friendly Ambleside Park and the Lighthouse Park, which features the national historic lighthouse (of course), and an old-growth coastal forest.

Even way before, West Vancouver was already known as a vacation destination among the early settlers. It was a popular camping and picnicking destination for Vancouver residents who would go across the Burrard inlet to the community. 

The suburb is not all about the parks though. You can also find the Park Royal Shopping Centre here, which was opened in 1950 and was the first shopping mall in Canada. West Vancouver is also the location of the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, which connects mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

This means that aside from the Blue Bus and its extensive network of bridges, roads, and sidewalks, you will have an easy way of getting around from the municipality to any place you wish to go.

Although only 33 percent of the total land area of the suburb consists of neighbourhoods, you have a lot of choices of places to stay. If you are just here for a visit, there are hotels, charming villas, and bed and breakfasts. There are also apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and single detached homes if here to relocate. 

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