What You Need
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Chilliwack is a city in British Columbia surrounded by mountains, Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, and Cultus Lake. The seventh largest city in the province used to be an agricultural community, but most of its residents currently live in the city. Chilliwack, which roughly means “valley of many streams”, is a term of the Salish Tribe of American Indians. 


The city used to be a settlement for miners in the 1860s and was incorporated as a municipality in 1873. It was divided into a city and township in 1908, but reunited in 1980 as the municipal district of Chilliwack. In 1999, the municipal district became the City of Chilliwack.

Getting In and Around Chilliwack

The city is a major depot for Greyhound, which means you can easily get in and out by bus. The transit system in Chilliwack is fairly efficient, too. If you’re traveling by car, take the Trans-Canada Highway from Vancouver for approximately 100 kilometers until you reach the city center. 

The two main roads of Chilliwack are actually one road with different names. Vedder Road, which runs South, leads to the old downtown with lovely parks, restaurants, and shops. Yale Road, which runs North, passes through the commercial center and into the suburbs. Take this route if you’re heading to the Chilliwack Provincial Park and Cultus Lake.

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With natural environments surrounding the city, it’s not difficult to have fun in the area. Outdoor adventure in Chilliwack includes hiking, biking, fishing, camping, whitewater rafting, and para-gliding. You can spend a day out in the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, Bridal Veil Falls, or Chilliwack Park Society. Enjoy farm experiences as well, such as the Cultus Lake Flower Fest and the Tulip Festival. Immerse yourself in arts and culture by visiting Dickens Sweets and British Museum and the Chilliwack Museum and Archives.

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