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Let’s face it. Attic cleaning is something most of us would prefer to put off because it isn’t exactly a fun task.

But did you know that attic cleanup is vital in maintaining your home’s energy efficiency, air quality, and overall health?

It will take some sweat and hard work, but you and your home will be thankful when you give your attic the TLC it needs.

Here we share attic cleaning tips to make the task more manageable.

What is an attic?

In North America, a home with a pitched roof most likely has an attic. It is the space between the ceiling and the top, and it can help control the temperature in a house. Some homeowners also use this area for their HVAC system, as an extra storage room, or even as converted additional living space.

Is having an attic room ideal?

While it can be beneficial to take advantage of that extra space an attic offers, there are many factors to consider when you choose to use that area for storage or as a spare room.

For example, you need to make sure you properly insulate your attic to be liveable and ideal for storing items. Additionally, you need to check if the structure of your house can support the additional weight of the things you keep or of an extra living space level. You also need to consider the cost (it can be quite expensive, running from $5,000 and up) and the local building regulations in your locality regarding attic conversions.

Even if it requires a lot of work, having all that extra space for storage or as a living area can be well worth it. Just remember to place heavy importance on the cleaning and maintenance of your attic.

7 Attic Cleaning Tips

Attic cleaning should not be something you dread and put off until it is too late. Experts recommend a regular deep clean of once to twice a year and seasonal cleaning, declutter, and inspection.

Use these seven attic cleaning tips to tackle the task effectively and efficiently.

1. Protect Yourself

Attics are perfect breeding grounds for molds, dust, pests, bacteria, and pathogens. Wear protective gear to limit your exposure to harmful particles.

2. Empty the Attic

Remove all furniture and items stored in the space to be easier for you to clean and move around the area.

3. Get Rid of All the Dust

Use a vacuum with a filter before a broom, brush, or rag to avoid stirring up the dust. Always start from the top (the rafters and beams) and work your way down.

4. Clean Fans, Windows, and Screens

You want to ensure that you get rid of the harmful particles sticking on these fixtures, and that clean air can flow freely.

5. Inspect for the 3 Ms

Mold, mildew, and moisture are deadly mixtures that can damage your home and bring on health problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises immediately getting rid of and controlling mold growth in your home. If you suffer from a respiratory illness or allergies, it’s best to let mold cleaning services Toronto specialists handle the problem.

6. Inspect your Insulation

The attic can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency, temperature, and airflow when properly insulated. It ensures no gaps and that the insulation isn’t damp and hasn’t fallen below the floor joists.

7. Tackle Your Stored Items

Go through the stuff you took out of the attic one by one and assess if you still really need or have a use for them. Decide what you will keep, what you can donate, and what you have to throw away.

Properly organize and store your remaining items and arrange them in an orderly system when you put them back in the attic. Take note that there are certain items you should avoid storing in your attic.

Hiring Cleaning Services Toronto Specialists for Your Attic Cleanup

As mentioned previously, attics can be the perfect breeding grounds for molds, dust, pests, and so on. Coupled with heaps of stored stuff you have accumulated over many months or years, attic cleaning can be a huge task.

We at Life Maid Easy are here to help you tackle your attic cleanup! We are a top-rated cleaning services Toronto company that uses only 100% green-certified cleaning products and specializes in excellent customer service. Go here to get a free estimate or get in touch with us at 1 833 247 MAID (6243).

Manage Your Attic Cleanup Like a Pro

If done regularly and with the help of experts when needed, cleaning your attic won’t have to be something you dread anymore. Furthermore, doing required repairs and maintenance sooner rather than later can save you a lot of unwanted hassle and expenses.

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