The Beginnings of Life Maid Easy Toronto

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on

Hope became familiar with Life Maid Easy when he lived in Vancouver a few years ago. He was impressed with the cleaning company the moment he knew of them. The franchise owner recalled how he was amazed that they provided not just attention to detail during every cleaning, but also a first-class customer experience. When he got back to Toronto and tried other cleaning companies, he found that nothing could compare to they offered. So, when he learned that Life Maid Easy was planning on a franchise expansion in Toronto, he jumped at the opportunity and did not look back ever since.

“I was thrilled to bring this special brand to Toronto and to elevate the standards of home cleaning services in our city,” Hope revealed. The franchise owner also added that it is their goal to expand across the whole province.

“I truly believe that we help make our clients’ lives easy and that we bring a healthy balance to their homes.  Whether you’re relaxing in Muskoka for the summer or cozied up at Blue Mountain for the winter, Life Maid Easy will have your back,” he stated.

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