Surrey: The City of the Future

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The city of Surrey is the largest city by land area and the second most populous in Metro Vancouver. Named after Surrey in England, it is strategically located across the river from New Westminster – the same way that Westminster in England can be found across the Thames

One of the fastest growing and culturally diverse cities in the country, Surrey is Metro Vancouver’s gateway into the US. It is the only city in the country that has two border crossings – the Peace Arch Crossing and the Pacific Truck Crossing, which you can actually use even if you are not driving a truck. It has to be noted that the Peace Arch itself is the first of its kind in the entire world. Erected in 1921, the 67-foot Arch was built to mark the 100 years of peace between Canada and the USA where each of its half stands.

Aside from being known as the city where things happen because of its hosting of the largest Canada Day events, Surrey is also where the longest beard can be found. Sarwan Singh, whose beard reached 2.495 meters long when Guinness World Records officially measured it in 2011, lives in the city.

And, if you are fond of the rodeo, then you can enjoy it to your heart’s delight in the city. The Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair is the third largest in the entire North American continent and the second largest in the country.

Surrey is also where you can find such innovative neighbourhoods as North Surrey, which is known for the award-winning architecture of the Simon Fraser University Campus and the City Centre Library. It also boasts of being the location for the new City Hall, which is a 200,000-square foot edifice that features a performing arts venue and a plaza. It is also where you can find the Central City Brewery and Distillery and its well-loved Red Racer beer.

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