RV Trip in Canada: What to include in your trip planner?

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Canada is home to several parks that are perfect for a getaway. Adventure is always lurking in the corners of the Great White North. Several national and provincial parks offer a hiking trip and lagoons, a beach, waterways, and marshes. Experiencing the outdoors while having the comforts of an RV is a perfect way to spend your vacation

Are you planning to go on an RV trip around the scenic roads of Canada? If you don’t know where to start, this article will talk about the basic things you need to include in your RV trip planner:

Do Some Research

One of the most crucial parts of preparing for an RV trip is to make a plan. It’s not just a plan of where to go and how to get there. It should also include ideas on where to spend the night, possible stops, and schedules.

When planning for your cross-country trip, here are some things to tick off the box:

The Landscape

Highways and campgrounds will be busy, so it will be crucial to find destinations to book in advance.

Because of the limitations set due to the pandemic, some places might not be available or have limited capacity. If you wish to visit a particular campsite or territory, you must first ensure that you are allowed to do so.

Once you’ve chosen a destination, you should know the route that your RV will take. In the case of bridges and tunnels, check for low clearances or propane restrictions. RVs may have trouble navigating steep grades or switchbacks.

Know the various options available when researching campgrounds and memberships.

Planning a trip helps to familiarize yourself with the gas stops and convenience stores in the area.

The Season

If you plan to visit the Canadian Rockies or Eastern Canada, we recommend going between June and October.

During the summer months of July and August, the tourist season is at its height. Because of the high number of travelers during this time of year, prices are higher than usual, so it’s safe to bring a bloated budget.

Canadians tend to have shorter warm seasons, so the season for camping is usually quicker. Camping areas could fill faster, so try as much as possible to reserve spaces ahead of time.

The Budget

If your RV trip is running on a budget, make sure that you plan.

Do as much research as you can on campgrounds and fees to avoid surprise expenses.

Knowing how much gas your RV consumes (MPG or miles per gallon would also help you plan how much fuel you’ll need for the trip.

Lastly, have a meal plan. Knowing what meal to prepare and ingredients to bring can save you from having too many stops and buying additional food on the road.

Know What To Pack

When it comes to RVing, it is very easy to pack things you wouldn’t normally bring if you are just going to get one backpack.

What you pack on your road trip depends on who’s going, if you will bring your kids or if you’re going to bring your pets. To get you started, here are some of the things to consider when packing for an RV trip:

The Kitchen Items

Having the ability to cook meals as you would at home rather than visiting a restaurant every night is one of the best things about traveling in an RV. Create a meal plan and buy ingredients ahead to avoid excessive stops.  

Apart from the ingredients, don’t forget to bring cooking utensils, knives, a cutting board, food storage containers, and potholders.

You want your kitchen to be sparkling clean after every meal so, don’t forget to pack some dish soap, scrubs, towels, and garbage bags.

Have easy-to-prepare food and canned goods in stock. These are good for emergencies as well as days when you just want to be lazy.

The Toiletries And Beddings

Going on an RV trip is very similar to packing your entire home with you as you go on an adventure. You might as well bring the comforts your home can provide, such as clean sheets and toiletries. Also, don’t forget to bring some cleaning tools. Nothing beats going back to a fresh and clean RV after a long hike in the hills.

Bedsheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and washcloths, or shower puffs are some items you’d like to bring on a road trip.

Toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and soap are a staple. Don’t forget to stock up on tissues.

Microfiber towels are ultra-compact, lightweight, super absorbent, and fast-drying. Towels made from microfiber are ideal for showering, swimming, and backpacking, making them a good addition to your packing list.

The Outdoor Gear

Going on an RV trip is all about experiencing the great outdoors. Be ready to go on those scenic hikes and dips on the lake.

Flashlights and headlamps are a necessity on an RV trip. Electricity will not be available all the time, and having a good light source, especially in the dark, gives you that peace of mind.

It is crucial to have a backup power system while RVing. You never know when you might need that extra energy. Having a portable generator will ensure that you will never run out of power.

Refillable water bottles, sunscreen, insect repellant, and some hiking boots are just some of the things that you might be needing on an RV trip, especially if you plan to go hiking.

If you just want to chill on the campsite, camping chairs and tables, as well as foldable bikes, can also be a good option.

The brakes on your rig are functional, but they aren’t reliable. You need wheel blocks to prevent your RV from rolling away when parked. In addition to helping you stay in place, wheel blocks will prevent excess movement as you move around the RV.

Now and then, accidents happen. It’s important to have an emergency roadside kit, especially if you’re going to use the RV for a long time.

These kits typically include jumper cables, safety vests with reflective stripes, flashlights, warning triangles, whistles, metal knives, and bandage

Deep Clean Your RV

Many people start to worry about the sanitation of their RVs just when they begin a long trip. Although it may seem such a huge task, cleaning your RV and boat isn’t as difficult as it looks.

Here are some steps to begin with to get yourself ready for a well-deserved trip.

Deep Clean Your RV


You should always start with the ceiling when deep cleaning your RV to ensure that all fan and vent droppings are vacuumed or swept away.

It can get hot on the road; make sure to check your AC and clean any vents.


Your kitchen area will need the most attention; after all, this is where we prepare food. A messy kitchen can lead to food poisoning, which would be a tragedy on a road trip! Therefore, disinfecting and sanitizing this area is key.

In addition, check all food items for expiration dates. You wouldn’t want to stock food that could upset your stomach. A trip to the hospital does NOT make a fun road trip!


Don’t forget to inspect and clean your RV’s holding tank. This is where all the wastewater goes. Then, using a garden hose, spray down inside the tank.

To effectively deep clean the tank without adding chemical waste, choose eco-friendly and biodegradable holding tank treatments. These treatments break down waste and eliminate odors without the use of toxic chemicals.

Just like you did in the kitchen, throw out all of those expired products found on the bathroom shelves. Clean the mirror, sink, shower, and tub as well.

Your bathroom should be a place of solitude. Keep it clean and fresh during your trip.

Living Area

Using a wet rag, wipe your RV walls all around. If you have a pull-out bed or sofa, it’s time to pull it out and clean it.

To clean your RV’s pull-out bed or sofa, take out all the beddings and drop them at the cleaners.

To disinfect the mattress, run a steam cleaner over it to kill off bacteria. Then, using a filter, sprinkle baking soda and leave it on the bed for a couple of hours. Vacuum it up once you are done.

Lightly spray an essential oil mixture or antibacterial solution on your mattress to keep it fresh.

A road trip can be tiring at times. Knowing you have a clean bed to go back to is something that can relieve the stress.

Finally, sanitize your down table and appliances like TV and entertainment system by wiping them with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to wipe them with a dry one after.


This step is simple. What we need to do is grab a vacuum and mop all the hard surface floors.

Cleaning your RV can be tiring and daunting, especially if planning for the trip is already taking a lot of your time. If you’re having trouble, maybe it’s time to contact a provider for RV cleaning services in BC.

Cleaning Your RV’s Exterior

Many people start to worry about the sanitation of their RVs just when they begin a long trip. Although it may seem such a huge task, cleaning your RV and boat isn’t as difficult as it looks.

Here are some steps to begin with to get yourself ready for a well-deserved trip.


Using a garden hose, rinse off any grime or droppings that you see. If it’s still a challenge removing them, scrub off any dirt you see with a soft-bristled brush and cleaning solution.

Be mindful of your solar panels and air conditioner. After, rinse it off when you’re already satisfied with the results.


To clean your awning, begin by opening it all the way. Next, brush any loose debris by using an extending broom and ladder if you’re having trouble reaching them.

If all those debris continues to stick, it’s time to get your cleaning solution and use a little elbow grease. It’s also worth noting that your awning is quite delicate; unless you intend to remove the protective coating or damage its fabric, don’t apply too much pressure.


After you’ve cleaned your roof and awning, it’s time to focus on your sidewalls. You don’t need to worry about anything because its cleaning process is the same as the roof. Learn more about how to clean RV walls.

What you’re going to do is to remove any loose dirt or bugs with your garden hose. Then, start scrubbing your walls as well with your brush and cleaning solution. Just make sure to avoid damaging the graphics and windows. Like the roof, if you’re already satisfied with the results, then it’s time to rinse it.

After you’ve cleaned your walls, you’ll be like a proud parent ready to show their baby to their friends and loved ones.

Are you still having trouble removing all those stains? Time to contact a provider for RV cleaning services in BC.

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