Meet Tess: One of Life Maid Easy’s Heroes

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Meet Tess: One of Life Maid Easy’s Heroes

We have already started sharing stories with you about our franchise owners and this time we’d like to share something about Tess, the owner of our White Rock franchise. Loved by many and admired by all, she is one of the company’s foundations and heroes.

Tess and Her History with Life Maid Easy

Tess has been with Life Maid Easy when it first started in 2007 . One day, when the company was just a month old, she came in and applied for a job. She started working the next day because she had a driver’s license and had experience in cleaning hotels. It turned out these were the requirements that the company needed. She recalled they only had one car then and one team that went around cleaning homes.

For Tess, that was how she started with Life Maid Easy and the rest was history. The thing that made her stay as long as she did with the company is her being a stickler for details, the amazing growth opportunities and the close bonds she has formed with her Life Maid Easy family. Fast forward 10 years and Tess is now a proud Life Maid Easy Franchise owner. From then until now, she has always done the best to uphold the LME standard of customer satisfaction.

Tess, Her Home Life, and Her Bucket List

When Tess is not busy with Life Maid Easy, she is at home, gardening. Her love for gardening has resulted in her having a vegetable garden in her backyard and several flower beds scattered all around her house. She and her husband start getting their garden ready in springtime and they plant their way around their house until the end of summer.

If Tess is not doing some gardening, she may have bread, cookies, or pies baking in the oven.  For her, there is nothing better than the good smell of baking inside the house.

Tess also enjoys spending time with her family. As they love the outdoors, they usually go camping, boating, fishing, and crabbing together. She said one of the things on her bucket list is to go hang gliding one day. She also wants to travel more to Europe to visit friends and to Asia to see family.

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