Meet Our Spring Cleaning Teams in Vancouver, BC

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
March 23, 2015

Spring cleaning may sound like the big task that you want to procrastinate until next spring comes. We hear you and we want to make your life easier. We have a  cleaning teams that would be more than happy to bring more shine into your house this spring. Our ladies are spilt in teams of two and together they deliver our cleaning services at the highest standards. We have created this system because we believe that working in a team is not only more fun, but keeps the ladies motivated and more efficient.

We have four teams and each team has been nominated a color.

In our Green team we have Tess and Rachelle, two of our early employees at LifeMaidEasy. When we say Green Team all we have in mind professionalism, high standards and commitment. Tess is also a team leader proving the new employees with our training. She has done a great job in perfecting the new employees’ skills to our standards.

In the Blue team we have Jana and Veronika. They are the laughter and joy of our company. Their constant jubilation makes every job seem like a piece of cake. Their positive attitude is so contagious, no one could resist and that’s why we love them. But that’s not all to them, they are extremely efficient and fast in doing their job and recently they have been in charge of our partnership with PosAbilities.

Purple team, Martina and Harni has earned our clients’ respect and love with their dedication and excellent services.

Orange team, Georgia and Christy is our newest team. They are fast learners and motivated, finishing every job on time at the highest standards. Georgia brings an Italian flavour to the team and she knows some pretty cool tricks of removing the tomato sauce out of any carpet 🙂

The Pink team is our greatest help. It’s not a steady team, but it’s the extra resource we often make use of to respond to the high demand of requests we have from our clients.

Our White team is pretty new, Jaruwam and Mupiyah are extremely proactive and determined into getting their job done fast and well.

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