Life Maid Easy Toronto: Agents of Safety and Change During the Pandemic

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Life Maid Easy Toronto: Agents of Safety and Change During the Pandemic

One of those choices would be whether we want to continue eating obese foods, such as fast food, refined foods, processed foods or bleached foods. We need to take the responsibility and get back to what Mother Nature provided us, with food in its natural form, without any instructions to refine or process these foods. Obesity is directly linked to bad food choices in the form of highly refined carbohydrates and sugars which really is only a form of poison to our bodies. Gone are the days when considering those foods nutritious or beneficial to our families.

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

Samuel Johnson

In March, the Toronto Home Show was cancelled a day before it was scheduled to start. It was at this time when the coronavirus had started to spread world-wide and the number of deaths increased every day. Lockdowns happened and staying at home became a necessity to keep safe.

Proposed Toronto Home Show Design

This unfortunate event stopped short a team’s dream to launch with a bang during the Toronto Home Show. The CoViD-19 epidemic, which quickly turned into a pandemic, momentarily dashed John Hope’s wish of a grand celebratory opening for Life Maid Easy in Toronto.

However, Hope is a firm believer of turning negative things around, so he was not deterred for long.

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade – or in this case, Lemon-Maid!” This was Hope’s response to the cancellation of their planned big day.

He and his team immediately realised the heightened demand for sanitation and cleaning. This connected them to people who needed them the most. As a result of their valiant efforts during the pandemic, Life Maid Easy Toronto was featured on CTV news, which showcased their all-natural disinfecting service. Despite the lockdowns, this news coverage helped put their name on the map and on the minds of those who would like to benefit from their services.

They may have not had their moment during the Toronto Home Show, but they have gotten the attention of the people. It also helped that their teams go around the city in a fleet of eye-catching pink cars. These do not only turn heads, but also have folks asking them about what they offer.

Life Maid Easy Toronto as seen on CTV News

Life Maid Easy Toronto did not just stop there. They became agents, not only of cleanliness and sanitation, but also of safety – among their crews and their clients. Prior to appointments, staff and clients are, up to this date, screened for symptoms. Clients are asked to leave them with an empty home or to confine themselves to one room, while cleaning and disinfecting are underway. Their crews also wear full PPE during cleanings to ensure their own safety as well as that of the clients. Supplies and vehicles are disinfected after every cleaning appointment as well.

In their own ways, the cleaning service company has helped flatten the curve in Toronto. Not only do they use eco-friendly cleaning products, they also provide complimentary disinfecting service to high-touch areas within the home like doorknobs, light switches, and handles, among others.

When asked what kept him and his team going despite the pandemic, Hope stressed that it is their happiness to be part of the solution. He said that while it is a challenge for everyone to work and learn from home while trying to maintain a clean and livable space, being there for clients in this heightened time of need has been very rewarding.

“A clean house is a clean mind,” Hope maintained with conviction.

From this statement, it can be clearly seen that Hope is being true to his last name and has really made Lemon-Maids from his lemons. Looking back at how his franchise started, it can be said that despite the pandemic, Life Maid Easy has definitely arrived in Toronto

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