Life Maid Easy Stories: Bozena and Her Love for Life

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Life Maid Easy Stories: Bozena and Her Love for Life

Next up in Life Maid Easy’s stories about the people who made it what it is today is North Vancouver franchise owner Bozena and her love for a lot of things.

Anybody who knows Bozena can say that her love for life is overflowing. She loves cooking and her favorite recipe is Alfredo fettuccine in white sauce with chicken and shrimp. And, as she is a strong supporter of local businesses in the area, she buys all her ingredients from Stong’s Market, which offers grocery delivery service in North Vancouver.

Another thing that Bozena loves is coffee and her favorite shop is Moja Coffee, which can be found in the North Shore. Although their inside seating remains closed at this time, its patio is open every day and they also cater to online orders.

With coffee in her veins to keep her going, Bozena is very active and usually goes around to enjoy nature and engage in some sports activities. Aside from frequenting camping spots near the North Shore, she also loves going to the best weekend getaways located on Horseshoe Bay. One of these is the Hornby Island, which has been dubbed as the “Hawaii of the North”. Of course, from this people can understand see why Bozena’s favorite place to travel is Hawaii, which is just a short direct flight away from the North Shore.

Of all the water sports available on the North Shore area, Bozena’s favorites are kayaking and paddle boarding. This is why she can often be seen on the best spots offering these activities when it’s summer. She also goes to the most famous places to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks at the end of July, like the English Bay. And, aside from frequently taking the seabus to downtown Vancouver, Bozena can also be often seen spending the day at Lonsdale Quay where there are walking tours, antique stores, flea markets, art galleries, and spas.

During winter, people can expect Bozena to go skiing at Grouse, Cypress, or Seymour, which are just 16 to 31 minutes away from North Vancouver. When she wants to go skiing farther away, she goes to Whistler Blackcomb, which is just an hour and 32 minute-drive.

Bozena’s love for life and all it has to offer extends to her commitment and dedication to making Life Maid Easy the best in the field of cleaning services. As a franchise owner, she is usually at the helm in making sure that the satisfaction of customers is guaranteed all the time.

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