How to Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
Oct. 20, 2016

With the winter season coming upon us, which in Vancouver is actually more of a rainy season, the important topic of having clean rain gutters comes up.

To ensure your gutters are functioning properly and draining the water it is recommended that you have them cleaned a few times per year.

Here are some great tips on what to look for and how to properly maintain your gutters.

Cleaning the Gutters:

There is absolutely no short cut to doing this, the only way is by getting up on the ladder and reaching into the gutters to pull out all the leaves but the best way to make your life a bit easier is to do this after a good rain.

The rain causes the leaves and other debris to stick together making it easier to take out.

To ensure your safety, always be sure to use a safe ladder and have someone around spotting you and no matter what, never try to reach further than you should.

Flush the Downspouts:

To flush the Downspouts clean, take the hose up with you on the ladder and spray water from the hose directly into the downspouts until they are flushed clean.

Inspect Fascia Boards:

Fascia Boards are the underside of your roof overhang that most gutters are attached to.

If they are not properly fastened the gutters can come loose when they are full of leaves and debris or during the next major storm and can end up damaging your home.

Another major problem to look for when inspecting your Fascia Boards is that since they are made of wood they can rot over long periods of time.

To avoid dry rot make sure there is no mould growing on the wood and ensure that all screws are tightly screwed in.

Repair Holes / Leaks:

Small holes and leaks in your gutter can be easily fixed by filling them in with putty or roofing cement.

Larger ones will need to be filled with fitted sheet metal so you may need to call a professional for that.

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