How Often Should You Clean Your Chandelier?

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Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
Jan. 22, 2018

Chandeliers serve as effective centerpieces for small and medium-sized homes. They are known to add an elegant and radiant glow to the rooms where you wish to hang them.

However, at some point, your lighting fixtures can lose their shine and allure, because of many factors. Layers of dust that accumulate on the crystals and grime from other airborne pollutants may significantly reduce its shine.

When this happens, it tells you it’s time to clean them. The frequency of cleaning a chandelier depends on the fixture’s type, location, and the shape of the crystal. However, many chandeliers suffer from neglect, and because of their intricate designs, many individuals often resist cleaning them until it’s absolutely, positively necessary.

How To Safely Remove Dust From Your Chandelier

If your chandelier is soaked with dust and other stuff like cobwebs, you need to clean it before a special occasion comes, because when you might be in a hurry, it could cause you to drop some crystals or totally damage the fixture. Clean your chandelier before the big event and it will be ready when you are.

There are two methods to doing this. The choice pertains to the way you clean the fixture, and you decide whether to wet clean or dry clean it. If you have an ornate chandelier or one that’s too high too clean, you may end up having to wet clean the fixture.

Steps To Take Before Cleaning A Chandelier

Before beginning to clean your ornate lighting fixture, follow standard safety practices. First, you need to turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker box, to prevent electrocution. Second, set up a light that’s plugged at another outlet on another breaker switch, and move the table away.

Third, bring in a ladder that is tall enough so that you do not stand on the last two steps. Fourth, place a piece of plastic on the floor to catch any drips. Lastly, put a washable, soft, double-folded blanket on the floor just in case any crystals fall.

How To Wet Clean a Chandelier

In effectively wet cleaning your lighting piece, preparation is the key here. Take the time to do all the steps properly:

– Cover all bulbs with small plastic sandwich bags and secure with a rubber band.

– Following the instructions on an ammonia bottle, make a cleaning spray of ammonia and distilled water; it is advisable to use distilled water over tap, as this will not leave a residue on crystals. Follow up by spraying the chandelier with plain distilled water to rinse. Or, you can purchase a special chandelier cleaner.

– Spray the chandelier thoroughly to clean off dust and dirt and allow cleaner to drip off, or follow the directions on the product.

– Some crystals will have to be wiped by hand.

– Let The lighting fixture dry for one to two days before turning the light on again.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

If you have a particularly fine chandelier, you should contact your favorite lighting center or where the fixture was purchased to inquire about how to clean it properly. Or if you’re not sure, always ask a lighting professional. However, many will recommend a spray cleaner or individual hand cleaning. If you have any concerns at all, hand or dry, cleaning is always the best choice.

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