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Feb. 2, 2017

This is probably why house cleaning tips are the hottest topic of conversation among homemakers. If you hate living in squalor, then housework is a necessary evil. If you need an even better reason to start keeping up with your housework, try this – surprise guests! If your home is anything like mine, unannounced visitors can pop in any time and catch you and your messy house off-guard. To avoid the embarrassment, here are some simple but effective house cleaning tips.

These five easy to follow house cleaning tips can make your home a lot cleaner and your life a lot easier.

House Cleaning Tips # 1: Analyse the problem and work out a solution.

Find out what best suits your home and your family. Much depends on the number of people living in your household and their ages, the number of rooms in your house, allergies and other health issues that people in your household might have, and the overall tolerance for clutter among member of your family. Find out exactly how much time you need to spend in order to maintain your house in the condition that you would like it in. Trying to clean everything every day is an exercise in futility. Some of the best house cleaning tips I have ever heard, helped me reduce work, not pile on more of it.

A house cleaning checklist is really helpful to systematise the process of house cleaning. I have been given many house cleaning tips from my friends, but by far the most useful tip was about software that helps you create a house cleaning checklist and schedule. Software like Let’s Clean Up! Is a marvel when it comes to scheduling housework.

House Cleaning Tips # 2: Establish a house cleaning schedule and stick to as much as possible.

The longer you put off housework, the harder it will be when you are finally forced to step up and do it. When the dirt piles up, house cleaning can be overwhelmingly difficult and you might have to call in the professionals and deal with the embarrassing situation of having strangers clean up your unkempt house. A house cleaning checklist and schedule will make sure that you never fall too far behind on your housework.

House Cleaning Tips # 3: Get rid of clutter.

Showcasing little souvenirs, figurines, knick-knacks and other miscellaneous objets d’art, can be very fashionable, but it does create clutter and some cleaning problems. Try to keep the clutter to a minimum if you value order and cleanliness above fashion.

House Cleaning Tips # 4: Dust is dangerous!

Dust is not only unsightly, but it can actually be a serious and dangerous health hazard. Most people are allergic to dust or dust mite. Dust mites are microorganisms that live off the skin flakes contained in the dust around the house. If that sounds disgusting, you just found another reason to clean up around the house! So even if you don’t mind the dust cleaning up regularly is a must to get rid of the dust mite. If you have fallen behind on your dusting for a long time, it can be difficult to vacuum the house the first few times. But don’t lose hope. Each time you vacuum the house, you will find that the amount of dust gets smaller and smaller.

House Cleaning Tips # 5: Keep the bathroom clean.

If you are squeamish about cleaning the bathroom, keep reminding yourself that the importance of a clean bathroom simply can not be over emphasised. Usually, bathrooms need not be cleaned every day. For most families, a two or three-week cycle is suitable. However, make sure to clean the bathroom when the soap film on the floor is still reasonably thin, as this will make your job a lot easier.

The house cleaning tips given here can be really helpful in maintaining a healthy and hygienic living environment, but of course, it all boils down to your discipline and willingness to follow the house cleaning tips. There are much more tips such as these to be found online, and if you have some house cleaning tips of your own, the internet is a great place to share them.
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