Guide On How to Soften Scratchy Makeup Brushes

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
July 9, 2017

The aim of makeup brushes is to make you beautiful. The unfortunate thing is that there are some scratchy brushes that cause facial abrasions when you use them. If you have a scratchy brush, you shouldn’t dispose of it you should soften it. Here are some of the ways of softening it:

How To Make Makeup Brushes Soft

There are many ways of softening the brushes. The most effective ways include:

Rinsing: you should rinse the brushes thoroughly with lukewarm tap water. You should run through the brush bristles with your fingers to ensure that all the bristles are exposed to water. You should massage away the caked-on makeup until bristles are perfectly clean.

Washing: after rinsing the brushes you should now wash them. For ideal results, you should wash them under a steady stream of warm water. When washing them you should apply foaming facial cleanser into the bristles to give the bristles a perfect look. Once you are through with the cleaning you should rinse the bristles thoroughly to prevent them from clumping together.

After washing you should dry the brushes by putting them outside so that they can dry completely before putting them back into the bag. You should ensure that the brushes are completely dry to prevent them from smelling like a wet dog. To avoid damaging the bristles you should put the brushes flat on the ground.

Other Maintenance Tips

In addition to cleaning the makeup brushes, there are other maintenance tips that you need to put into consideration to ensure that your brushes last for a long time. These tips include:

Keep them standing: after applying makeup you should place your brushes standing up. You should also separate your brushes between uses. This means that you shouldn’t use the same brush for all of your makeup needs.

To ensure that the brushes stay soft for a long time and at the same time last for long, you should take good care of them. Even with the greatest care, it’s inevitable for the brushes to get old. You should be keen and be quick to note when your brushes are old and replace them as soon as possible.

When buying new brushes you should be keen and ensure that they are of high quality. For ideal results, you should do plenty of research and ensure that you are buying from a reputable store. When making your purchase you should note that different brushes are ideal for different functions.

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