Easy Trick for Your Car and Truck

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Easy Trick for Your Car and Truck

Are you a car or truck enthusiast who wants to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape yourself? Then here are easy tricks that could keep you going:

Taking Care of Your Rims and Tires

Now, if you’re into fancy rims and keeping them spotless at all times, here is an easy trick you can do yourself, although it can be a little time consuming. You have to take each tire and rim off before you clean them both completely, getting rid of all the dirt and brake dust. Let the rims dry fully before waxing its insides.

This will keep the tires clean for a longer period and will prevent dirt and brake dust from sticking into the inner sides of the rim. This is especially if you are as crazy as Life Maid Easy Langley’s franchise owner Mike about his rims and taking care of them. As he has paid a fair penny for them, then he makes sure that they’re well-loved all the time.

Keeping Your Sunroof Clean and Working

There is nothing better than having a sunroof that works and is clean all the time. Mike always gives the tracks and pan of his sunroof a good cleaning. He uses only warm water in cleaning them as some soaps will dry out the seal. What he does is he takes an old toothbrush to clean the tracks or what are also known as the gutters. Then, he flushes them with some water before greasing them. Also, he makes sure that no pine needles or obstructions are in the way of the track arm.

Mike also advises using the services a company called Leakpro. They can visit your home and help with the servicing of your sunroof, so it runs smoothly for a very long time.

Cleaning Your Cabin Filter

Cleaning the cabin filter of your car will help get rid of some weird smells and also help with allergies. This item should be cleaned or replaced at the least once every six months. You can clean this yourself by watching YouTube videos or you can also follow Mike’s way of doing it.

If your car has a cabin filter, it is located behind the glove box. All you have to do is to drop the glove box and you can already remove the cabin filter. You can start to clean it by spreading out the accordion parts and then vacuuming them out. Then, sprinkle some baking soda between the accordion sleeves. This will help catch more outside smells. If you don’t have a cabin filter, then you can also buy one although this can sometimes be expensive.

Keeping Yourself Safe During Winter

Winter is coming and one of the most important things you can do to prepare for it is to have your tires checked. Although Langley does not have crazy winters like in the eastern part of the country, it does get hit with some ice and snow. So, it’s best to know that your tires are in working order. The first you need to look into is your tire’s treads. Then, you have to check the tire pressure and their snow rating. These are the main factors you should consider for your safety and those around you.

Check Out Some Car Shows

If you are ever in Langley, check out the local car shows. Usually happening during weekends, the biggest one is in Aldergrove, which features a lot of great stuff to see. Mike supports this cause every year and although they weren’t able to host the event this year because of the CoViD-19 pandemic, they were still able to support some amazing charities and had the best turnouts. The Langley franchise owner said it is a great way to see and experience new things as well as enjoy a full day of sights and sounds. He encourages everyone to keep an eye out for this event.

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