Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
Jan. 3, 2017

With all the snow we are having this winter in BC, our cars are also affected by the cold winter wrath as much as we are.

The mix of wet sludge from the snow, ice, and the road salt wreaks havoc on both the outside and inside of your vehicle.

The salt can rust your undercarriage after some time plus it also damages your floor mats and carpeting.

Here are some great tips to help clean your car and keep it in good shape so it can survive the wrath of this epic winter we are having.

Interior Cleaning:

Start off by taking out your floor mats and dusting them off then give them an extra cleaning by shampooing and rinsing them.

Be sure to leave them outside for a few hours to drive off.

After, give the interior of your vehicle a vacuuming to remove any dust.

Once that is done give your carpeting an extra cleaning as well by shampooing and rinsing them.

Be sure to leave the doors open to help it to dry faster.

Outside Cleaning:

One of the most important places to keep clean especially during winter time is the undercarriage of your car as the salt that is sprinkled on the roads to help keep your tires from slipping also causes rust and corrosion after a while.

It is always best to go to a professional car wash that will provide cleaning of the undercarriage but if you just don’t have the time then an easy solution is to get a rotating sprinkler, hook it up to your hose, slide it under your car and let it spray all around for a few minutes.

Be sure to move it around to ensure it washes all parts.

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