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It’s no secret that the recent pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives.  From social distancing to wearing masks everywhere we go, we have all had to make adjustments to our daily routines.  Amongst these changes, we are also seeing a shift in where people are looking to live.  Many are choosing to leave their shoe box sized condo’s in the city in exchange for more spacious homes in suburbs like Langley BC.

Here are few factors affecting this trendy shift of moving from the city to the burbs.

Location and Space Advantage

Suburban living has become more appealing to many people, even millennials. They want to live away from the city’s hustle and bustle and are now looking to have a yard and maybe even a garden for those with a green thumb.

Owning a larger home gives family members more space from one another and also gives you a little distance from neighbors. Moving to the suburbs reintroduces a concept that has almost been forgotten in the Lower Mainland.  Playing in the streets with neighborhood friends, community garage sales, safety of a block watch and the welcome echo of an ice cream truck roaming the streets.

Work-From-Home Opportunities

The current work-from-home opportunities are also partially driving this shift. Experts say the pandemic has accelerated the urban-to-suburban trend as more employers shift to a work-from-home model, and young, first-time buyers look beyond the city for more affordable properties. Those moving to the suburbs don’t have to worry about commuting into the city, a long time deterrent to those that have been dreaming of a larger footprint for their home.

Erica Leanne Chang, a RE/MAX real estate professional, based in Vancouver, shared her insights on the significant shift of lifestyle brought about by COVID.

“We’ve seen a big shift in lifestyle. COVID has changed the way people are living and buying properties. Now that working from home has gained so much popularity, folks are trading their city condos for more space and access to the outdoors. With the market being so hot in Vancouver, this has many looking to areas further out such as Langley.”

A new Statistic Canada report reveals that Montreal and Toronto saw a record loss of people from July 2019 to July 2020 as urban-dwellers moved to the suburbs, smaller towns, and rural areas.  Vancouver is starting to see a similar trend, propelled by the recent pandemic.

Cost of Living

There are cheaper homes found in the suburbs, which have more value compared to the city condos. One notable edge of living in the suburbs, specifically in Langley, is the lower cost of living than in many parts of the greater Vancouver area. Price per square foot in Langley, BC, is significantly lower than what we see in the city, as are gas prices for the extra little commute if that applies to you.

Property taxes and rental properties are also significantly more affordable the further one gets away from the city centre.

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