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Some people believe that your kitchen is a reflection of your house. If you see any dirt or grease anywhere in this specific area, it won’t take long enough for people to judge your whole home as cluttered and nasty as well.

Perhaps, this is the reason why it’s considered to be the heart of the home. However, if your kitchen is not working properly, other areas of your homes, and worse, the residents themselves, could feel the drastic effects. Therefore, to maintain the health of your kitchen, you should take the time to properly taking care of it: by cleaning it.

Why Clean?

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Yet, some people don’t get the need to clean their kitchen from time to time. Nasty people, if you think about it.

One of the most obvious reasons you should disinfect your kitchen is to promote hygiene habits in your home, especially during these trying times. Many people have lost their lives due to COVID-19, and many experts have suggested that cleaning your surroundings could decrease your chances of contracting the virus. Also, this practice could prevent the spread of infectious diseases caused by bacteria.

Another thing that you should worry about when you have a dirty kitchen is the increasing number of pests. If you forget to maintain the cleanliness in the kitchen, perhaps, you should start to welcome cockroaches, ants, mice, and rats as they barge in your kitchen door. If you don’t want to mingle with these pesky visitors, then start grabbing your broom and sweep the floor.

Organizing your kitchen could also provide a sense of relief when you’re using it. Many people claim that it’s challenging to cook in a dirty changing, which can be expected. It’s also tiresome to move around when your kitchen is cluttered with dirty dishes and spills.

Finally, when you clean your kitchen, you’re also prolonging the lifespan of your beloved tools and appliances. Unfortunately, when grease, slime, and dirt start to build up, there’s a higher chance that it could also decrease the functionality of your appliances. Perhaps, you don’t want to spend your honeymoon budget on a new fridge.

Cleaning the Kitchen Oven

Unsurprisingly, many people dread cleaning their kitchen ovens because they thought it would be challenging and time-consuming. But, because it’s one of the most common and used products in the kitchen, it’s a given that we should clean more often than not, right?

But that’s not always the case. Many people pretend not to see the grease sticking to the sides than actually getting a tub of water and brushing their beloved oven.

Who can blame them, though? When you first look at it, you might be overwhelmed with all the different parts and confusing pieces, but you shouldn’t be. Cleaning your oven can be a breeze and remarkably fun. Check this kitchen cleaning hack:

  1. Empty your oven with the racks, pizza stone, thermometer, among others.
  2. Prepare newspapers and paper towels beneath your oven that will catch all the grease and dirt.
  3. Mix ½ cup of baking soda and 2 to 3 tablespoons of water in a small bowl until you have a pasty consistency. Set aside for now.
  4. Spread the paste inside the oven. Make sure that you’re wearing gloves while doing this. Don’t forget to focus on the back, sides, bottom, top, door, corners, and crevices. On the other hand, if you’re using an electric oven, stay away from the parts that have heating elements. Skip the region where the gas comes through if you have a gas oven.
  5. Let the paste sit in the oven overnight.
  6. To clean your racks, place them in a kitchen sink (or bathtub if you have the large ones). Shower them with baking soda, pour the vinegar, and observe as foams form. Add some hot water when the foaming stops.
  7. Let the racks sit in the sink or tub overnight.
  8. After waiting overnight, while wearing your gloves, dampen a cloth rag and wipe all the oven surfaces. If you observe that grease and grime continue to stick, remove them using wet scouring pumice, microfiber sponge, or other abrasive tools.
  9. To remove the sticky paste that won’t budge, put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the chunks. The vinegar will react with the baking soda and foam. Retake your damp cloth and wipe off all foam.
  10. Scrub the racks with a cloth rag until all grease and grime are gone. Use the pumice or microfiber sponge on any tough spots.
  11. Place the racks inside the oven after you dried them.

Cleaning the Kitchen Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a tool that many people heavily rely on. Without them, perhaps, chaos will indeed rule every home. Manually washing the dishes is a chore that no one should be possibly doing. This may start to sound over the top, but your dishwasher might be the reason why your family is still intact.

Kidding aside, though, our dishwashers have been handling all our burdens with ease, and sometimes, we should also reciprocate this with a dishwasher clean-up day to show our appreciation.

Cleaning your kitchen dishwasher is simple. You can even clean it while it does what it does best: wash your dishes.

Here’s a kitchen cleaning hack that you should do: place one tablet of detergent in the bottom of the dishwasher and run a normal wash cycle. Easy, right?

On the other hand, if you want to clean your machine deep, put 2 cups (500 mL) of white vinegar in a glass or dishwasher-safe measuring cup on the bottom rack of your dishwasher. Do not use detergent – the vinegar will mix with the wash water. Run the dishwasher through a complete washing cycle using an air-dry or an energy-saving dry option.

Note that this should not be done frequently because the acid in your vinegar could damage your dishwasher.

Cleaning the Fridge

One of the essential tools that most people often take for granted is the fridge. Usually, we only show our love and care for them when they’re almost gone, being eaten away by the dirt and grime we neglect for the past few years.

In reality, this should not be the case. Most people didn’t know that process of cleaning the fridge could prolong its life span. Unless you want to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars every couple of years just to get a new fridge, then you might take some extra time of your month to clean your fridge.

There are many approaches that you could take into consideration when cleaning your fridge, but many people follow the shelf-by-shelf method as their preferred kitchen cleaning hack.

  1. To start, empty your refrigerators with all the food that you stock in there.
  2. Place all your fridge food in your backup fridge or large cooler to keep it fresh. If not, then be sure to have an extra countertop space to place all this food.
  3. After you’ve removed everything, check if there have been spills inside. If there is, using a microfiber cloth dampened with vinegar, clean all your fridge’s sides. Take the time to clear it up with a dry cloth after.
  4. On the other hand, if there are no spills inside, a scrub from a sponge soaked with water would help loosen the gunk. Then, spray it all down with cleaner and give it another scrub before wiping everything clean with a microfiber cloth.
  5. Remove the frames and wash them with soap and water.
  6. When the frames are dried up, put them back where it belongs.
  7. Before you put your food back in the fridge, please give them a quick wipe with a damp microfiber cloth to clean them. Also, double-check if you have some expired items that need to be tossed into the trash.
  8. Don’t forget to close the fridge when you’re not actively using it to keep them cool.
  9. After you’ve cleaned your fridge’s interior, it’s now time to focus on the outside. First, wipe it using a microfiber cloth dampened with vinegar. Don’t skip on the edges, seals, and handles.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

One thing that people look forward to when checking a kitchen is your collection of stainless steel appliances. Many people value these tools because it adds a particular aesthetic to the kitchen, which is trendy nowadays. Who doesn’t want to get into a room full of silverware, right?

Fortunately, unlike the other items included in this list, cleaning your stainless steel appliances is pretty easy. Another kitchen cleaning hack is coming! Feel free to use cleaning wipes and a little elbow grease to eliminate oil residue or fingerprints and wash it off with clean water.

On the other hand, for your extra shine, use enough cleaner to dissolve grease and buff with a clean microfiber cloth afterward. It’s also recommended that you wipe appliances in the direction of the metal’s grain to minimize streaks.

Best Practices in Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

Here are some kitchen cleaning safety hacks that you can follow to keep your kitchen safe:

  1. Always wash your hands when dealing with food. Use warm water with soap before making any meal, especially when working with raw items like meat and eggs.
  2. Another best practice would be to have two or more cutting boards in the kitchen. One board should be specifically be used for meat. This practice prevents cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria. Don’t forget to wash them with warm water after using them.
  3. When dealing with expired items, don’t hesitate to throw them out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Take the time to throw some items in the fridge, especially if you’re not planning to use them in the future. Jamming the refrigerator full of food prevents the circulation of cold air that keeps food items cold and slows the growth of bacteria.

Are You Ready to Clean?

Now that we’ve given you the kitchen cleaning hacks and tricks on how to clean your kitchen correctly, are you ready to take on the challenge? If not, then it’s okay. However, don’t blame yourself for not facing this challenge head-on. Who would want to deal with nasty slime, bad odor, and cluttered dishes, right?

If you have this mindset, perhaps it’s time for you to tap the help of the expert cleaners from Life Maid Easy. Considered to be a leader in the cleaning industry, they have a proven track record of transforming even the nastiest places into incredible places.

Schedule an appointment with Life Maid Easy at 1 833 247 MAID (6243) today.

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