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Jan. 31, 2017

Carpet cleaning is an inevitable exercise for homeowners and if you are a homeowner, then the bonus is on you to make the most of this exercise by being aware of what it entails. In addition to helping you to preserve your carpet, it will also enable you to make informed choices.

Covering your floor with carpet is a decision that you undoubtedly take with the intention of improving your home interiors but you also need to be prepared that owing to their location, carpets are bound to get dirty. From stains to footwear dust, paw prints and fungal growth, your carpet is susceptible to accumulating all kinds of dirt as the days go by which cannot be removed through superficial cleaning. In fact, health experts in Australia recommend that given an average Australian lifestyle, your carpet should be subjected to thorough cleaning at least once a year.

While it is possible to opt for the DIY way of carpet cleaning, you need to bear in mind that this task is easier said than done. In comparison, the option of hiring a professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service provider could result in a bit of expenditure but is also likely to accrue multiple benefits. That being said, you should also be aware of what the process entails so that the task of identifying a reliable and professional service provider is rendered easier. Not only should you know the various methods that carpet cleaning Vancouver service provider would use but also the procedure that follows not to mention important hacks that could come in handy on a daily basis.

Commonly Used Carpet Cleaning Methods

From a horde of methods that can be used to clean a carpet, some of the universally accepted techniques are described as follows –

Steam Cleaning – In this method, carpet cleaning is achieved by spraying the surface of the carpet with a solution of cleaning agent and water. There are several stages involved and much of the cleaning occurs because the solution is jet-sprayed, thus being effective in dislodging even the most deep-seated particles of dirt.

Encapsulation – If the representative of carpet cleaning Vancouver service finds during his first inspection that the surface of your carpet is only lightly soiled, he might employ a method known as encapsulation. It entails application of a base chemical in powdered form so that the dirt is encapsulated within the powder and can be dusted off with ease. The popularity of this method is attributed to the eco-friendly nature of the substances, however, it could prove to be inadequate if the surface is heavily soiled.

Dry Cleaning – This method entails the use of heat and chemicals for removing dirt and germs from the fibres of your carpet. Among all the methods used for carpet cleaning, this is believed to be the most effective because it removes the grease that might have made its way to the base of the fibres by dissolving the oil.

Usually, this method is used only by specialised carpet cleaning Vancouver service providers that have undergone proper training and are well aware of every procedural detail.

Bonnet Cleaning – Establishments like hotels, restaurants and other public venues that experience heavy foot traffic, bonnet cleaning is resorted to for cleaning carpets wherein a motorised machine comprising a spinning pad is used to remove dirt. Apart from being fast, it is effective in removing surface dirt, thus giving a clean look which is crucial for such venues.

Foam Cleaning – Not as popular as the other two methods, foam cleaning of carpets entails using foam as a detergent wherein it is applied to the surface with the help of a machine and a brush. Once the foam has dissolved all the dirt, it is then removed by a vacuum cleaner.

So how do you decide which method to use for cleaning your carpet?

This depends on a number of factors, primary among which is the type of carpet you have, meaning the fibre or raw material used in its manufacture. For example, the carpet cleaning method used for nylon fibres would be different from the one which is effective for wool or wool-blend carpet. Other factors that you must bear in mind pertain to whether the carpet has been treated to accept stain removing solutions as also the fact that the cleaning agents contain chemicals that might trigger an allergic attack in one or more of your family members.

Steps Involved in Carpet Cleaning

Ask any professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service provider and it will outline the following 10-step procedure that would leave your carpet germ-free and dust-free for a long time to come –

Pre-Inspection – Assuming that you have given up the idea of DIY carpet cleaning and have hired a professional service to take care of this task for you, the first step is that of pre-inspection, meaning the initial inspection of your carpet. The purpose is to inspect the surface of the carpet closely so that every detail in terms of types of stains, dirt pockets, the concentration of external elements and so on can be noted. The importance of this step lies in the fact that the information gleaned during the inspection will determine the types of machines as also the method that would be applied for cleaning.

Pre-Vacuuming – Having completed the inspection, actual carpet cleaning begins with running of a commercial vacuum cleaner on the surface to remove any solid material or dry soil that might be adhering to the fibre.

Pre-Spraying – Carried out after the inspection and initial vacuuming, pre-spraying entails the application of specific cleaning formula to the surface of the carpet to dissolve the grease, dirt and sticky elements. This would serve to loosen them and facilitate easy removal in the forthcoming stages.

Deodorant – Next a deodorant is applied on the carpet with the intention of negating any bad odour that may have formed due to contamination. It has been found to be particularly effective in homes which have pets since carpets in such homes are often infested with pet fur, resulting in the formation of unpleasant odour.

Shifting of Furniture – In this step, all the furniture placed on your carpet, like chairs, sofas, tables and so on are removed so that the surface of the carpet is free for cleaning to take place. This is also the stage when the pre-spray is allowed to seep well within the fibres so as to bring about effective cleaning.

Extraction of Dirt – A carpet cleaning machine designed with the intention of extracting loose dirt and soil from the surface by spraying steam is used. It flushes out all the dirt from the carpet and immediately after, the surface is rinsed by a vacuum cleaner.

Spot Treatment – At this stage of carpet cleaning, the carpet cleaning Vancouver expert focuses specifically on spots that might have got left behind. Being more stubborn in nature, these are removed by employing procedures that focus on a single area, for example scrabbling.

Speed Drying – Subsequent to having been washed and rinsed, the fibres of the carpet are set in one direction and the high-velocity air is passed through in the same direction. While drying a neutralizer may also be added in form of a pH equaliser to create a balance.

Applying for Protection – After cleaning, a layer of protection is applied on the surface of the carpet that would ensure that it remains free from germs, dirt and dust for as long as possible.

Last Inspection – After everything is over, the expert from professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service conducts the last inspection to ensure that the procedure has been duly followed and standards of cleanliness have been duly met.

DIY vis-a-vis Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Service

Now that you are aware of the various methods used for carpet cleaning as also the step-by-step procedure of going about the task, it s time to decide whether you wish to go about it the DIY way or entrust it to a professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service.

It is the latter option that is strongly recommended owing to a number of factors which are listed as follows –

  • Cleaning of carpet is a daunting task which may appear simple but requires plenty of expertise, energy and patience
  • Chances are that you may not have the specialized equipment required for this task and will have to rent it out. In contrast, a professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service would have all the necessary equipment owing to being a part of this field.
  • It is a time consuming job which you might want to leave to professionals while utilizing the time for more important activities.

Courtesy of their expertise and equipment, a carpet cleaning Vancover service would do a thorough job and this might add to the durability and cleanliness of your carpet.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Service

The decision to hire a professional service for carpet cleaning is one that is likely to accrue multiple benefits which are –

Fast Service – Tough that carpet cleaning is, it could days if you tried to undertake it yourself not to mention the harm that it could cause to the carpet in the process. A professional service would accomplish the same within a few hours or one-day maximum, thus saving you time, energy and a harrowing experience.

Convenience Personified – What renders a professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service truly convenient is the fact that their experts would arrive at your home and conduct the cleaning operation on the premises itself. All you need to do is place a call and book a date and time that would be most suitable for you and the service provider will be at your doorstep, thus saving you the trouble of lugging your carpet all the way to the cleaners’ facility.

Cost Effective – Cleaning the carpet the DIY way could result in substantial expenditure to considering that you will be required to buy the cleaning products and rent the machines. An established carpet cleaning service provider will be well-equipped in terms of cleaning agents and machines and hence would charge you just for carrying out the cleaning job.

Expertise – Due to the absence of any training in this aspect, you will most likely make a mess of your carpet cleaning initiative and also spoil the carpet in the process. A professional service, on the other hand, knows its job and has trained employees who can be trusted to handle the task well and ensure that your carpet is fresh when they step out.

Reliability – Because a professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service comprises of multiple employees, it can be relied upon at any time of the day to provide a service and can even cater to emergencies at a short notice.

Standardised Job – Thanks to being a part of this field, a professional service is bound to follow certain standard procedures and methods that have been approved by the regulatory authorities. Likewise, they are also trained to observe safety regulations when they work in someone’s house as a result of having undertaken a contract. Because failure to maintain standards could cause the service to lose its license to operate, most service providers stick to these rules which in turn would work in favour of the end user.


There are some home improvement tasks that are best left to experts and carpet cleaning is one of them. True though it is that you could apply some popular DIY hacks like using baking soda to get rid of fleas and nail polish remover to clean up the unsightly spots, it is imperative to get your carpet cleaned at least once a year if not more.

After all, it is part of the house that is subject to the maximum degree of rough use by humans and animals alike and hence could become a breeding ground for germs if left unattended for long. By hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaning Vancouver firm, you would not just end up improving the level of hygiene in your house but also end up with fresh and clean interiors that would be a welcome sight to one and all.

Life Maid Easy is a fast growing company that offers eco-friendly house cleaning services, maid services and carpet cleaning with franchises across Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, North Shore, Whiterock and recently Toronto.

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