7 Things to Clean this Fall

Written by
Life Maid Easy Team
Published on
Sept. 26, 2016

The holidays are coming up and the beginning of Fall is the perfect time to begin cleaning up your home to avoid that huge job a week before the holiday season.

Here are a few places you can start decluttering to help get a start on your fall cleaning.

  1. Spices & Seasonings (Kitchen)Take all the spices, seasonings and condiments out of the cabinet and give the shelves a quick cleaning.Before putting everything back in the cabinet be sure to check on their expiration dates and throw out any expired products.
  2. Freezer (Kitchen)Our freezers usually become like a black hole, things go in but many never come out.Unplug your freezer and let any ice that has been building up for months to defrost, pull out all the items you have inside and go through them one by one seeing what can be put back in and what you should just go ahead and dispose of.
  3. Sandals & Summer Shoes (Closet)Now that summer is over it is time to take a look at what you really did wear and what you bought but never got to wearing.Choose what you want to keep and what you may want to donate or sell.While you have all those shoes out be sure to give the closet or shoe rack a good dusting.
  4. Toys (Garage)Any toys that your kids have outgrown should be gotten rid of now in the fall in order to make room for the new toys coming for the Holidays.
  5. Garden Tools (Garage)Clean up, repair and put away your garden tools and supplies so they will be clean and ready to be used for next spring.
  6. Magazines & Books (Living Room)Do a quick sweep and dust in your living room, collect all outdated magazines and books you know you will never read again or are not interested in reading and donate them to your local library and make space for the new ones.
  7. Beauty Products (Bathroom)Most of us have some beauty products laying around in our bathroom that we bought months, maybe even years ago and have never touched them or we tried them but didn’t like them so we just left them there to gather dust.It’s time to gather up all these products and get rid of them, maybe ask some friends there is always a few of them that will gladly take some beauty products off of your hands.

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