10 Life-Changing Lint Roller Uses You Should Know

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Don’t you just feel so excited when you come across amazing cleaning hacks that can significantly cut down your clean-up time and effort?

And who doesn’t want to have cleaning tools that make chores so much easier? We know we do! So when we discovered these life-changing lint roller uses, we knew we had to share them with you.

Lint Roller: What is it?

This cleaning device, which is essentially a barrel coated with sticky paper and comes with a handle, is used to remove lint, hair, and other particles from clothing, upholstery, and other items covered in fabric.  

The invention of the first commercial lint roller is credited to Nicholas McKay. He improvised a tool using masking tape, wire, and an empty cardboard toilet paper roll because he needed to clean his suit when he forgot to bring it to the dry cleaners.

Debunking the Myth: Lint Roller is for Cloth Alone

While it was originally invented to help clean clothes and other fabrics, there are other amazing lint roller uses. So many people buy loads of refillable or reusable lint rollers and keep them in their bags, cars, and house rooms.

10 Other Uses of Lint Roller

You just might be surprised at how easy it can be to clean almost anything using these lint roller hacks.

1.Get those hard-to-pick-up bits and pieces

Whether it is glitter from your crafts projects or small shards of broken glass, it can be so much easier to clean up those tiny particles when using a lint roller.

2. Clean your unwashable curtains

There are certain types of drapes that you can’t wash in a washing machine. While there are several ways to clean curtains without washing, dusting them with a lint roller is one of the quickest and easiest methods. You don’t have to take down the drapes, and you don’t have to use a vacuum or steamer.

Of course, this is just for when you need to give your curtains a quick dusting. You want to make sure you still give them a good clean regularly to collect any dust and allergens.

4.Do a quick clean in your car

When you are pressed for time, stuck in traffic, or are waiting for someone in your car, take out your lint roller and give your dashboard, seats, glove compartment, and other parts of your vehicle’s interior a quick sweep.

3.Get rid of hair in the bathroom

Hair on the bathroom floor, countertops, shower area, and sink isn’t too pretty to look at, and it can clog up your drains. With the help of a lint roller, you can collect that hair in a matter of seconds.

6. Dust off your lampshades

Gently roll your lint remover from the top to the bottom part of your lampshade. Then, on both the inside and outside to remove dust and other allergens.

5.Remove unwanted crumbs and dust in your drawers

It can be less challenging to reach certain areas of your drawers with the help of a lint roller. Get rid of food crumbs and other particles that might attract unwanted critters with much more ease.

8.Sweep the insides of your bag or purse

Gently roll your lint remover from the top to the bottom part of your lampshade. Then, on both the inside and outside to remove dust and other allergens.

7.Avoid dust bunnies on your furniture pads

Because furniture pads come in direct contact with the floor, they can quickly gather dust, food crumbs, and hair, so clean them regularly with a lint roller.

10.Give stuffed toys a quick dusting

You want to keep stuffed toys free from dust and allergens as much a possible, especially if your kids play with them. In between regular deep cleaning of these beloved toys, you can give them a quick dusting using your lint roller.

9. Keep your pool table free of dirt

A gentle way to remove unwanted particles and dirt from a pool table is to sweep a lint roller quickly.

Is there a reusable lint roller?

Now that you know some lint rollers use, you might want to stock a couple in your home and car and even keep one handy in your purse.

If that is the case, it’s good to invest in eco-friendly and reusable lint rollers like these.

Key Takeaways

These lint rollers hacks are great solutions when you need to do a quick clean. However, make sure to do a deep clean regularly as getting rid of some dust particles, dust mites, and allergens require more than just a lint remover.

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