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Some Ontario Facts and Information You Might Want to Know

Whether you are moving to Ontario or just visiting, it is best for you to arm yourself with information about the province. Here are some facts and general info about the second largest province of Canada:



* Ontario’s total area of one million square kilometres is larger than that of Spain and France.

* Temperature in the province can go beyond 30°C or 86°F during summer, while winters can bring this down to below -40°C or -40°F.

* It has two time zones: Central Time Zone and Eastern Time Zone.

* Above 98 percent of the Ontario population of more than 13.5 million reside within the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin.

* Of all the Ontario provincial parks, the Algonquin Provincial Park, which was established in 1893, is the first in the province. Today, Ontario’s protected areas and parks cover more than 9 million hectares and bring in some 10 million visitors every year.


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* Although there are French-speaking communities found within Ontario, English is its official language. Other languages spoken in Ontarian homes include Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Punjabi, Italian and Chinese.

* The province has 20 public universities as well as 24 applied arts and technology colleges. 

* If you would like to learn about Ontario’s road conditions, you can click on this link: Here, you will not only find the High Occupancy Vehicle or HOV lanes, but also traffic conditions and road closures, among others.

* To get a copy of the official road map of Ontario, you can click on this link: For more maps of the province, visit this page:

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