Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge: History, Culture, and Heritage

Maple Ridge is a lovely city bounded by the Golden Ears Mountain on the north and Fraser River on the south. Its people take pride in the community’s pioneer and First Nations history, much of which has been well preserved over the years. Its name was derived from the farm of John McIver, whose property was built on a ridge above the Fraser River and surrounded by plenty of broad-leafed western maple trees. Initially called Port Haney, Maple Ridge was incorporated into British Columbia in 1874 and became the province’s third municipality. 

Historical and Cultural Heritage

Maple Ridge comprises several historical areas, including Albion, downtown Haney, Ruskin, Webster’s Corners, and Kanaka Creek. Some of these are identified with a specific cultural group. For one, many Finnish families reside in Webster’s Corner and Albion. The cottage-like houses in Port Hammond were originally built for the local mill’s workers. Adjacent to the Fraser River, Port Haney and the West Coast Express commuter rail station is a heritage district that protects a few old buildings – including those from around the city, which have been relocated to the area to boost its identity as a heritage district.

Surrounded by majestic mountain views and natural beauty, Maple Ridge continues to evolve as an ‘edge city’. Its community has a strong aspiration to leverage, preserve, and celebrate agricultural and rural heritage. The city oozes with a small-town atmosphere that draws thousands of visitors who enjoy arts and cultural events with the local people. Find out the perfect time to travel by checking out the full calendar of festivals and events in Maple Ridge

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Much of the city’s recent rapid growth comes from the development of residential land, owing to its proximity to Vancouver. Agriculture and forestry are the main drivers of the economy. Maple Ridge also has construction, manufacturing, and service sectors so it’s not difficult to find a business that caters to your needs. If you’re specifically looking for help with home cleaning, the eco-friendly solutions of Life Maid Easy are within easy reach. The company has numerous branches across British Columbia.


Useful Facts About Mission

Located in the Lower Mainland and part of the Fraser Valley region, Mission is a district municipality incorporated in 1892. Over the years, it has grown to include rural areas and additional villages. It sits on the north bank of the Fraser River, extending into lakes and mountains.

If you’re planning a short trip or long vacation in Mission, here is some information to help with your planning.

– The municipality used to be the hub of the Fraser Valley’s berry industry, with a “Home of the Big Red Strawberry” slogan in the 1930s and into the 1940s. Compared to other municipalities in the region, Mission is mostly forested and more than 40% is tree farm. 

Maple ridge scenery with mountains and river

– Mission is home to the fastest drag strip in Western Canada and Northwestern United States, thanks to low elevation that enhances horsepower. Mission Raceway Park features some of the world’s fastest dragsters, with speeds exceeding 270 mph, while still giving assurance of safe and controlled racing conditions. If you’re into drag racing, events in Mission Raceway Park run from March to mid-October. 


– The district has amazing views of the Fraser Valley, from the Coast Mountain Range to the Fraser River. This, plus the abundance of lakes, rivers and outdoor recreation areas, provides countless adventure opportunities. You can go mountain biking, hiking and exploring within the Municipal Forest. To ensure safety, you can find signs at the trailhead and orange reflective markers throughout the route. You can aso enjoy swimming, boating, canoeing, and fishing in Hayward Lake and Rolley Lake.


– Mission offers plenty of accommodation options for visitors, from cozy B&Bs to luxury hotels. If you’re looking for rental housing, there are secondary dwellings in Mission. These could be a cottage, coach house, or secondary suite – an integral part of housing in the municipality. As an occupant of a secondary dwelling unit, you need to be responsible for the space, including its cleaning. In this case, the efficient team of Life Maid Easy is always ready to assist with your cleaning needs.

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