What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheques or Cash. Full payment must be made to Life Maid Easy upon completion of the service. All payments after 30 days are subject to a 2.5% interest rate per 30% per year). A $25 fee is applied to all NSF or decline cheques. Please ensure to inform us of any changes to your schedule within 72 hours to avoid a cancelation fee. Otherwise the following penalty will apply: – $75 will be charged for notifications within 48hrs – Full amount will be charged for notifications within 24hrs.

Why do you need my credit card number?

To secure your booking you’ll be asked for your credit card number. A pre authorization will be made to your card 48 hours prior to the cleaning. We will then complete or adjust the charge your credit card and email an invoice the day after the appointment. All payments are processed through secure SSL-encrypted system for maximum security.

Is there a minimum time for Move-out cleaning?

The reason we have a minimum time for Move-in/Move-out cleaning is because this is a more detailed service than a maid service. Above the regular cleaning checklist there are extra tasks which we focus on. Please check it here: Move-in / Move-out. On top of that, we do want to mention that we offer time based services and if the cleaning service takes less, then we charge accordingly. We charge in 15 minutes increments.

Why do you clean in team of 2 people?

We found out from our experience that this is the fastest and the most efficient way of cleaning your home.

Do you provide carpet cleaning?

Life Maid Easy can also provide carpet cleaning services. More information about carpet cleaning can be found under link below. See below a link for more information and an estimate price for your carpet cleaning: Free Estimate

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