Easy Trick for Your Car and Truck 

If you’re into fancy rims and keeping them clean, Here is an easy trick but a little time consuming. Take each tire and rim off. Clean the tire completely and get rid of the brake dust and dirt. Let the rim dry fully, get some wax and wax the inside of the rim. This will help keep the tire clean and won’t let brake dust or dirt stick to the inner side of the rim. If you’re as crazy as I am with taking care of my rims that I paid a fair penny for them.   

Car shows. Come out to the local car show. Usually on a weekend and of course the biggest one in Aldergrove. This one is great for some amazing stuff to see. We support this great cause every year. Even during the covid year when they couldn’t host the event. They support some amazing charities and have the best turnouts. A great way to see new things and enjoy a full day of sights and sounds. Make sure you keep an eye out for this event.   

Keeping your sunroof clean and working. Always give the tracks and pan a good cleaning. There is a seal around the sunroof glass on some models. Always clean that with just some warm water and no soap. Some soaps will dry out the seal. Take an old tooth brush and clean the tracks or (gutters). Flush them with some warm water. Take some grease and grease the tracks. Make sure no pine needles or obstructions are in the track arm way. Or you can always use another company called Leakpro. They can come and help with the servicing of your sunroof so it runs smooth for a very long time. 

If you want to help with allergies and some weird smells in your car. Simple clean of this item or purchase of the new one will help. A must do at least every 6 month. You can clean the cabin filter if your car is equipped with it. Usually behind the glove box is easy once you drop the glove box or watch YouTube videos.  You can remove the cabin filter, spread out the accordion parts and vacuum them out. Use some baking soda, sprinkle some between the accordion sleeves and boom. This will help catch more outside smells or you can purchase one but can sometimes be expensive. 

Winter is coming. Get your tires checked. We don’t have crazy winters like back east. But when we do get hit with ice and snow it’s best to know your tires are in working order. 1st tread,2nd tire pressure, 3rd snow rating. These are the big main factors for your safety and others around you.