Get to Know Cloverdale,
the “Home of Smallville”

Cloverdale is a historic town center in the eastern part of Surrey, British Columbia. It is home to several of the city’s heritage sites, including BC Vintage Truck Museum and Fraser Valley Heritage Railway. Christ Church, the city’s first church built in 1882, still stands today. 

Founded as an agricultural community in 1870 for its fertile land, Cloverdale eventually developed into a bustling town and was considered one of the centers of Surrey. Today, it’s the third largest community in the city. It hosts the most popular Canada Day events in Western Canada, with thousands of visitors attending the celebrations. 

Cloverdale is also famous as a TV and film location, including for the “downtown” and “main street” sets of the 2001-2011 series Smallville. Hence, a billboard that read, “Destination Cloverdale – Home of Smallville”, used to stand on the town’s edge. The town square was also decorated with Christmas decor and fake snow for the filming of a Coca-Cola Christmas commercial and the movie, Deck The Halls, in 2006. Christ Church was also used as a set in 2012 and 2016 for the hit TV show, Supernatural.

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It might seem like a small community, but Cloverdale boasts plenty of excitement for everyone. It hosts the annual Rodeo and Country Fair, Canada’s fifth largest rodeo, in the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, which is also home to the Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino. The Honeybee Centre is an ideal destination for families with kids, while the Surrey Heritage Rail is a great start for anyone wishing to dive into the history of Cloverdale and Surrey.

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