Cleaning Chicken Noodle Soup Stains From Your Carpet

Aug 23, 2017

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Chicken noodle soup is certainly one of the most loved soups that people enjoy. It is delicious and very comforting to eat on a cold, rainy day or whenever you are not feeling well. It is tasty which is why people of all ages like it a lot.

Unfortunately, this well loved treat can also be the source of a tough cleaning problem for homeowners. This is because sometimes accidents can occur which could cause the chicken noodle soup to get spilt all over your carpet. This may not occur that often but if it does happen to you then you must be prepared to properly handle the situation.

It can be a tough job to clean up chicken noodle soup on the carpet but it is very important if you want to avoid having an ugly stain getting left behind. If you are dealing with this issue at home, check out this very useful guide to help you out.

• Begin by clearing the carpet of all loose food particles on the carpet. For the chicken chunks and the noodles, carefully use your hands to pick them up. For the spilled soup on the other hand, you can use a clean sponge to absorb it and extract it out of the carpet. Once you are done clearing up the spill, proceed to the next step.

• With the area on the carpet clear of any loose food particles, the stain is the only problem that you have to worry about now. For this, you should use a cleaning solution that will get rid of the stain. This is actually pretty easy to do, all you would require are some water mixed with some white vinegar. Take a teaspoon of the latter and mix it with a cup of hot water. Then, place it inside a spray bottle and then apply it onto the stained area of the carpet.

• After letting the cleaning solution you just made soak the soup stain, get a clean white cloth and then start blotting the affected area. Continue blotting the stain since this will help lift the stain and then get it out of your carpet. With the vinegar-based cleaning solution, you will surely be able to get rid of the soup stain pretty soon.

But getting the stain out isn’t the end of your job. One important task still remains and that is rinsing the carpet area with some water.

This is vital since it helps eliminate any residue that could harm your carpet over time.
Source by Johnny D Sol

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