Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Life Maid Easy works very closely with rental agencies and owners of vacation short term rental properties. We understand that for many of our clients this is a secondary business and having a clean space is essential to their success. This specialized service is customizable, on top of the cleaning we can help with various elements of managing your properties such as, a key pick up/drop off service for your guests, removal of all garbage and personal items left behind and linens and towels washed and replaced. We can even report back to you with a detailed checklist of any items that are damaged, need to be replaced or replenished to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Our Vacation Home Cleaning Services are exclusive
to owners in the Vancouver area.

Here are just some of the cleaning services:

1.All of the areas in the home will be cleaned and sanitized

2.All fridges will be cleaned and food items disposed of

3.Linens will be washed and replaced

4.Trash will be emptied and disposed

5.Furniture will get cleaned

6.Will sweep garage and patio

7.BBQ cleaned

Our cleaning specialist will look for any damages if any or excessive
mess left by guests. We will then take images and report back to the owner.

For more on Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

give us a call: 1 833 247 MAID (6243)