LME Franchise Partners

LME Franchise Partners

This is a quick reference for all your resources as a franchise partner with LME.
Please review and bookmark so you have easy access to it.

We encourage you to continue hiring efforts for your own businesses, but if you require our support, these will be the fees if we pass anyone off that you end up hiring. $500 per person. This includes a $200 flat fee +$100 for every month they end up staying, up to 3 months. If they don’t work out within 1 week of signing, 100% is refundable.

complete before starting work everyday

press 5 to bypass prompts. Weekdays we’re available 6am-6pm, weekends 8am-5pm. Otherwise, continue to use your Team Chat groups for non-emergency items.

use this as a reference for jobs. Every situation is different, so remember to complete a walk-thru before you touch anything and call the office if you think you need more time so we can reset the expectations of the client and/or ask for permission to stay longer.

use this online store to order any supplies or equipment. Please note, due to Covid-19, gloves are in very short supply, so we recommend you try to buy these somewhere else.

use this contact if you have any questions about your contribution reports.

These are commonly used templates you can use to communicate to your staff on a recurring basis. They are optional, but highly recommended to pro-actively remind your staff of important operational behaviors to continue. You can email them from your @lifemaideasy.com accounts or broadcast them in your Team Chats. Ask Corporate for support on setting these up to go out automatically on a recurring schedule.