Three Tips To Help Keep Your Home Clean This Summer

Three Tips To Help Keep Your Home Clean This Summer

1. Bathroom:

Summer time means extreme heat and lots of out door activities.

Whether it is something as easy as gardening or something a bit more sweat inducing such as playing sports, we all end up taking a few more showers than usual.

When doing so remember to keep the bathroom window open or to turn on the ventilation fan to help prevent humidity.

Humidity plus the heat of the summer is a perfect environment for mould to grow.


2. Patio / Deck Furniture:

Summer time is also the time for firing up the barbecue grill and having some great meals with some great company while enjoying the great weather.

Unfortunately most of us completely forget about our patio and deck furniture during the winter and therefore require a bit of extra work to clean them up when summer comes around.

You can use a gentle mixture of detergent and clean water to give your patio floors and deck furniture a good scrub down.

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3. Laundry Room

As we mentioned earlier, summer time means extreme heat and lots of outdoor activities and apart from sweating, most summer activities end up with you dirtying your clothes a bit.

Which means you will be doing a few more loads of laundry than usual.

Help free up space in your laundry room by recycling all of those old empty bottles and boxes that may have accumulated over the past few months.

Also you can save up a lot of space by packing away any cold weather clothing that you may still have out, which gives you a lot more space to sort out your clothes from the children’s ice cream and grass / dirt stained clothes that need to be pre-treated to the clothes that are ready to just throw into the washer.