How Rubbing Alcohol Can Be Used To Clean Your Home

How Rubbing Alcohol Can Be Used To Clean Your Home

We have all used rubbing alcohol to clean out cuts before putting on a band-aid but did you know that rubbing alcohol is a great choice for disinfecting more stuff than just your bruises?

You can use it to clean your bathroom, kitchen and many other places.


Get rid of water stains and keep your mirror and any other reflective surfaces streak free by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth.


Add a little bit to a clean cloth and use it to wipe down your granite counter tops to give it a nice shine.


Your blinds attract a ton of dust and grime coming in from the outside so instead of just giving it the usual dusting, give it a nice wipe down afterwards with some alcohol to help kill any bacteria.


Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray a little bit throughout your room to help eliminate lingering odours.

Ink Stains:

If you have some ink stains on your clothes, give it a pre-wash with some alcohol, it will ensure that when you wash the piece of clothing the stains will come right off.