Remove Rust Stains From Your Knife

Remove Rust Stains From Your Knife

If you have knives in your kitchen that contain rust stains and just can’t get the rust off of the blades, here is an easy and natural solution to try out.

All you will need is a cup, some lemon juice, some warm water and a dish scrubber.

The first thing you need to do before anything is to gather up all the knives that have rust stains on them.

Next, fill the cup ½ way with warm water and the following ½ with lemon juice.

Make sure it is a cup large enough so that the entire blade of each knife can be soaked in the lemon / water solution.

Set the knives in and let them soak for about ten minutes.

Once the ten minutes pass, most of the rust on the knives should have come off by itself but if any still remains on the knives just grab the dish scrubber and give the remaining rust spots a good scrubbing.

If the rust is still stuck on the blades of the knives you may need to let them soak in the water / lemon juice solution for a bit longer than ten minutes.