Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

Today is National Clean Your Fridge Day and in honour of it, we are sharing some great tips to follow on what and what not to use to clean your refrigerator.

The first thing you need to do is remove all of the food from the refrigerator, this will allow you to be able to reach every corner and crevice.

Remove all drawers and shelves and soak them in warm water mixed with some dishwashing soap.

Use the same mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid to wipe down the interior of the refrigerator.

* If there are any stubborn stains try using a bit of baking soda.

When cleaning the refrigerator using cleaning products you really must be careful with what you use.

Gentle products such as surface wipes that use natural citrus oils are okay to use but strong cleaning products that contain many chemicals that kill common kitchen germs should be avoided as the chemical residue tends to linger inside of the refrigerator and end up being spread onto and contaminate your fruits, vegetables and anything else that may be uncovered.

If you insist on using strong, chemical cleaning products be sure to read the labels and ensure that it is safe to use inside your refrigerator.