Liquid Dish Soap Can Help Make Your Day Easier

Liquid Dish Soap Can Help Make Your Day Easier

With the end of the year just a few days away, everyone is busy doing their last minute cleaning as well as for the upcoming New Year Eve parties.

Here are a few cleaning hacks you can use to help make your day of cleaning easier using Liquid Dish Soap.

Sparkling Windows

Instead of using those expensive bottles of Window Cleaners such as Windex try mixing 3 drops of Liquid Dish Soap in 1 gallon of water, fill your spray bottle and spray the homemade solution all over your window and wipe it off as you would do with any standard window cleaning solution.

Sidewalk De-Icer

With these almost weekly snow storms, we have been experiencing in BC this year we constantly need to be clearing up our sidewalks of snow and melting the ice.

Instead of buying an expensive bottle of de-icer or using salt that eats your concrete after some time try mixing 1 teaspoon of Liquid Dish Soap, 1 tablespoon of Rubbing Alcohol and a ½ gallon of hot water together then pour it over your sidewalk.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Instead of purchasing various cleaning products made specifically for certain areas in your home try mixing a few drops of Liquid Dish Soap with about eight ounces of water in a spray bottle.

This homemade Multi-Purpose cleaning solution is great for cleaning Ceramic Tiles, Linoleum Floors, Bathroom and Kitchen Counters and Sinks, Baseboards, Shelves and much more.

Also, don’t forget to give your favourite Home Cleaning Service a call to book those cleanings in the New Year to ensure your house is always nice and clean.