Great, Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Great, Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, most homes are starting to buy props and decorations for their home but if you want to stand out from the rest, The Krazy Coupon Lady has shared some great decorating ideas you can try out.

These ideas are great for just decorating for the season or decorating for a Halloween Party.

  1. Oozing Steps

    Cut open some green glow sticks and drizzle the solution along your front steps to create the illusion of a creepy looking ooze seeping down.

  2. Someone Is Watching You

    Give that eerie feeling of someone watching you by cutting scary eye shapes into toilet paper rolls and stick a few lit glow sticks inside to give the rolls the glowing eyes effect, then just stick a few in the shrubs outside your home.

  3. There’s A Hand In The Punch

    Freeze a rubber glove filled with water and let it float inside your punch bowl at your Halloween Party.

  4. There’s A Spider In My Drink

    Drop a plastic spider into each of the cube slots in your ice cube tray, fill it up with water and let it freeze.

    You can now serve any guests you have drinks with frozen spiders in it.

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