Five Mistakes You Make When Cleaning Your Windows

Five Mistakes You Make When Cleaning Your Windows

1. You decide a sunny day is the best day for cleaning windows.

The truth is when you clean your windows on a hot and sunny day the cleaner tends to dry almost instantly as it touches the hot glass, not giving you enough time to wipe it off and your glass will end up with hard to remove streaks.

It is recommended you clean your windows on a dry and cloudy day instead but if you must clean them on a sunny day try cleaning them when the sun is hitting in a different direction and there is a nice shade to keep the glass cool.

2. You clean your sills and sashes last.

If you do not clean your sills and sashes before cleaning your windows, the liquid that drips onto the window frames will end up creating a dust / mud type of mess for you.

So be sure to take out that vacuum and clean the window’s frame, sill and sash before getting to work on the glass itself.

3. You barely use any window cleaning liquid.

No matter what type of cleaning liquid you are using to clean those windows, if you do not use enough it will not be strong enough to dissolve all the dirt.

The dirtier they are the more you should use.

4. You believe that newspapers are better for drying your windows.

Many people believe still believe that newspapers are the best for drying your windows and even though it does leave them shiny, it does not always leave them streak free.

It is recommended now a days to use a microfiber cloth as they are super absorbent, re-usable and tend to leave the glass 100% shiny and streak free.

5. You use a weak paper towel brand when drying your windows.

If you still prefer using paper towel instead to dry your windows, be sure to choose one that is strong enough for the task.

The last thing you need is to use a weak and flimsy paper towel that will end up leaving little bits and pieces of paper all over your glass.