Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

If you aren’t already striving to be as eco-friendly as possible, you are way behind the times. In 2016, we have a duty to make sure we at least try to live sustainable, green lives- not only for our own health, but for the health of our planet.

Working towards reducing the amount of energy we use in our homes is one way we can decrease our carbon footprint and lead more eco-friendly lives. And, as a bonus, the less energy you use, the more money you save! When you make minor changes to your energy usage, your hydro and gas bills will feel the results!

So check out our list of the easiest ways to save energy at home and start saving your money, and your planet!

1- Get an energy audit  

Source: homeecoenergyaudit.ca

Source: homeecoenergyaudit.ca

LiveSmartBC provides residents with energy audits. This will allow you to first understand where you are using the most energy. Once you know, you can better asses what needs adjusting.

2- Change your light bulbs

saving energy at home switching light bulbs

Source: livingimpressive.com

This is a super easy change that every household can make. Simply make the switch from incandescent light bulbs to compact florescent lights (CFLs). They might be a little more expensive, but they use less energy and will therefore save you money in the long run.

3- Invest in power strips

power bar or strip

Source: amconservationgroup.com

When you’re able to plug your appliances in to one power strip or bar, you can also turn them all off at once. So, at the end of the day, when you’re ready for bed, just flick one switch off. It’s astonishing how much energy you’ll save! It’s important to always turn appliances off when you’re not using them- a simple task that will go a long way.

4- Insulate your water heater

water heater

Source: angieslist.com

Locate your water heater and see if it’s insulated. If it isn’t, it’s probably working harder than it needs to to warm up your home. It’s worth wrapping it up in some insulation if it’s bare.

5- Cook extra

meal prep, cooking extra

Source: ifecdn.dailyburn.com

When you’re making a meal, always make extras. Not only will you have delicious leftovers, you will also reduce the amount of time you spend using appliances that waste a lot of energy, such as your oven. Sure, you’ll need the microwave to warm up the food, but it won’t use nearly as much energy as your stovetop or oven.

6- Keep your doors closed

a closed door in a large room

Source: evolutionnews.org

When we keep our doors open, we let the warm air escape, and it takes much more energy to heat up the house again. Try to have your doors closed as much as possible.

7- When in doubt, Energy Star Brand

Source: trendingenergy.com

Source: trendingenergy.com

When you’re buying new appliances, always look for ones that have the Energy Star Brand logo on them. If you’re unsure what appliances are Energy Star Brand, ask! These appliances are one of the best things you can own to refuse your energy-use. For example, one fridge can use less energy than a 75-watt light bulbs! Just crazy!

8-  Clean out your filters

changing your furance filter

Source: www.bobvila.com

Both your heating and cooling system have filters. If your filters aren’t cleaned at least somewhat regularly, the system has to work hard to heat or cool your home. A simple cleaning out every now and then could end up saying you up to 5% of energy you may have used.

9- Plant a tree 

Source: mashable.com/

Source: mashable.com

This one seems a little drastic, but if you can do it, you’ll really be helping yourself and the environment out. Not only are you planting a tree, but that tree which is great for the environment, but that tree will also provide you with shade in the summer, so you don’t have to have the AC on all day long.

10- Air dry, air dry, air dry

air drying clothes

Source: www.washerdryercomboz.com

If you’re not in a hurry, let your clothing and dishes air dry.