Dishwasher Do’s And Don’ts

Dishwasher Do’s And Don’ts

1. DO: Make a Game Plan.

Before loading the dishwasher, stop and look around your kitchen and form a loading strategy.Put in big dishes first as it is efficient to start with those as they take up the most space then fill in the remaining spots with the smaller dishes.


2. DO NOT: Face Plates All In The Same Direction.

All dishes on the bottom rack should be facing inward towards the spray arms with the smaller plates in front of the larger one in order for the dishwasher to be able to reach them all.


3. DO: Organize Your Utensils.

Sorting your kitchen utensils by type (eg. forks with forks, spoons with spoons) will make it a lot quicker to take out your utensils and put them away after the dishwasher is done.Also be sure to put the knives in with the handles facing up to avoid getting poked or stabbed when taking them out.Spoons are recommended to be put with some handles facing down and some facing up as if they are all inserted the same way they tend to get pushed together and the dirt stays in between.


4. DO NOT: Unload From The Top To The Bottom.

Many times the dishes on the upper rack may have a bit of water built up on them so if you try to remove them first from the dish washer then the water will end up spilling onto your dry plates below.