Cold Weather Hacks

Cold Weather Hacks

Stop Drafts From Getting In Your Home

One problem that is often encountered with older houses is large gaps under the doors.

This can result in unwanted drafts of cold air coming in.

They do sell products to help block the draft but why pay a ton of money when you can get the job done with a small piece of shaped foam.

Just open it up and wrap it around the bottom of the door, it will tightly seal the bottom of the doorway and prevent cold drafts of air from coming in.

Reflect Your Heaters Heat

If your house heater is a wall-mounted heater or radiator, put a layer of tinfoil against the wall to help reflect the heat back into the room.

Be sure if you do not use tinfoil you use something that will not end up being a fire hazard.

Keep Unused Rooms Closed

It’s hard to keep a room warm when all the doors are open.

If you have no need to go into the room keep the door closed so the heat has one less place to spread into.